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Summary of Confess By Colleen Hoover

The Romance novel “Colleen Hoover, Confess” is written by famous New York Times Bestselling American author “Colleen Hoover” and it was originally published on 10 March 2015. The story is about a Teen girl named Auburn and her teen boyfriend named Adam who is suffering from cancer.


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Summary of Confess By Colleen Hoover

The story of novel revolves around a girl named Auburn, a 16-year-old teen girl who has one loving boyfriend named Adam, who is going to die soon as he is suffering from cancer and hospitalized in one of the hospitals in Dallas. She goes in hospital to say goodbye to her love, Adam, they had a small conversation in which both expresses their endless love to each other until Adam’s mother comes in and force Auburn to leave as she also want to spend her last moments with her son. Auburn says her last goodbye to her love, Adam and leaves the hospital.

The story now jumps five years forward, Auburn is 21 years old now, working in a Salon in Dallas. One day when Auburn was coming back to her apartment from Salon, she was thinking about doing part time job and then she came across one art studio where many confessions were written on its windows. There comes new character named Owen to whom Auburn meet through job posting ad, posted on studio’s door and she goes inside of his studio and Owen welcomes her warmly and takes her inside of room. Auburn was very nervous while going inside but Owen makes her comfortable by telling her that he is not a kind of person who rape or torture. Furthermore, Auburn asks him about confessions on wall, Owen tells her that these confessions are written by people, and his artwork is done through confession people leave on it.

Owen hired Auburn as his painting seller where her work was to sell his painting just for two hours and in return, she will get 200 dollars as her salary. Owen had good sales of painting when he met Auburn and in happiness, he takes her into a bar in front of his studio, they talk for while and Auburn asks him about his favourite confession, to show his favourite confession, Owen brings her back to his studio. She read all his confessions, few makes her very happy, few makes her anxious, few makes her very angry, and in very short span of time they both become very good friends.

Auburn and Owen decide to meet again next day, but Owen does not come to meet her next day as he was arrested by police officers. As the story move forward, we learn that its Auburn birthday and she is waiting for Adam’s mother named Lydia to celebrate with her, but she does not come, so to celebrate her birthday alone, she goes in bar and end up drinking heavily.

The novel now features new character named Harrison, a best friend of Owen who works in a bar and he invite Owen in bar when he saw Auburn drinking like a fish. Owen comes into bar and talks with Auburn, he explained to her everything like where he was and why he did not come to meet her. When Auburn saw Owen, his hair was messy, so she decides to cut his hair and takes him into her salon. She cut his hair very badly and almost destroyed his hair. The next day when she was going back to her home, Owen stops her and request her to cut his hair properly. They both goes in salon again and when Auburn was cutting Owen’s hair, she learns that he is shifting somewhere else in next week.

Colleen Hoover Confess Summary

Auburn and Owen decide to spend weekend together and when they are heading back to home, Owen saw Lydia with one boy who was calling Auburn mom. On the other hand, when Lydia sees Auburn with Owen, she gets very angry and takes boy with her back to home. Owen in shock asks her about a boy, she tells him that this boy is her son with her first love Adam, who died a long time ago, and Lydia is a mother of Adam. She tells him that Lydia has taken full custody of her son, and she is only allowed to meet him only once a week.

There comes new character named Trey, a police officer and brother of Owen who meet Auburn and tells her that Owen is a bad man who was in prison because of drug smuggling, and he is going back to prison again. The next day Owen goes in prison and as he went to prison, Trey comes in Auburn life and ask her to be in a relationship with him and in return she will have a lot of time with her son. She comes in relationship with Trey, and it is because she loves her son and can do anything for him.

As the story move forward, we learn that Owen is released from prison and Auburn goes to meet him despite Trey’s warning but when Trey learns about their meetup, he goes in Auburn’s apartment and start abusing her. Furthermore, Owen comes in and explains to her that why he was in prison and tells her that his brother Trey has trapped him in drug smuggling case. Later, Trey force Auburn to lie about Owen in police custody but when he was telling her that, she records his force conversation secretly and shows it to senior police officer due to which Trey end up going in prison. She uses Trey’s voice records to take her son custody and wins her son case custody. The story of novel ends with Owen released from prison and living happily with Auburn and her son.

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