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Book Summary of “Verity” By Colleen Hoover

The novel “Verity” is written by famous American author Colleen Hoover and it was originally published on 7 December 2018. The Story of novel revolves around a character named Lowen Ashleigh, an unpopular author who loves to keep everything private.


Book Summary of Verity By Colleen Hoover


“Characters of Verity”

Lowen Ashleigh : A major character of book and struglling author.

Verity Crawford : A famous author and wife of Jeremy.

Jeremy Crawford : A husband of Verity and father of three children.

Chastin Crawford & Harper Crawford : A twin daughters of Verity and Jeremy.

Crew : A son of Verity and Jeremy.


Summary of Verity By Colleen Hoover

The story of novel begins with major character, Lowen Ashleigh, an introvert author who loves to keep everything private. She doesn’t like to do press conferences or anything which can make her public. Lowen’s mother recently died, she is now alone and penniless, looking for an opportunity. She is going in a publishing house to meet her agent as they are offering her good opportunity as a ghostwriter.

On the way to publishing house, she saw a horrible accident where a man falls on highway and gets run over by a car, due to which she had spattering of blood on her clothes. There comes new character Jeremy Crawford, a strange man who pulls her aside, takes her into a coffee shop and gives her his own T-shirt as her clothes are destroyed in blood. They talk for a while in washroom where Jeremy tells Lowen that he is just coming from his daughter’s funeral who died by drowning in lake.

Lowen tells Jeremy that her mother to whom she has been taking care for years has died few months ago. Afterwards, Lowen leaves for publishing house wearing oversized man T-shirt, it turns out that Jeremy is also going in a same meeting where Lowen is going. In meeting, Lowen gets an offer as ghostwriter from another author named Verity Crawford.

The story now features new character, Verity Crawford, a famous author who recently had a car accident due to which she cannot complete her book series. Now her publishing team is looking for someone who is similar in writing style as thriller to complete Verity’s book series. Jeremy who turns out to be Verity’s husband, ask everyone to leave meeting and now he is left alone with Lowen, he advices her to ask for more money as their publishing team are giving her very less money.

Lowen accepts their offer happily, she goes in Verity’s house to study her notes to complete her book series. There she learns that Jeremy and Verity had two daughters who were twins, one died by allergic reaction of peanuts, and just after five months second died by drowning in lake. They have third child as well name Crew, hopefully he is alive. As Lowen goes in Verity’s house, there she discover an unfinished autobiography of Verity, in which she has written everything about her past life.

Lowen in curiosity begins reading Verity’s autobiography, the biography story starts with Verity meeting Jeremy for the first time in a bar. She was drinking like fish in bar, Jeremy comes and tells bartender not to give her more drinks as she was drunk heavily. Verity tells Jeremy that she is an independent woman, and she can do whatever she likes to do. Jeremy tells her that if you keep drinking like this then I won’t be able to talk with you properly. Afterwards, Verity drinks water instead of wine. They talk for a while in bar and ends up going home together.

As the story progresses, we learn that Verity and Jeremy shared a romantic relationship which was the best moments of their life from Verity’s point of view. Verity has written everything about her love story with Jeremy in her biography, like how much she was in love with him and how pleasurable her sex was with her love, Jeremy. 

Verity Colleen Hoover Summary

The story now jumps to present life where Lowen is learning more about Verity and Jeremy and about their son, Crew. Verity wrote her first book when her husband, Jeremy left the home for better job opportunity. She was left alone in home, so she started writing her first book as a hobby. Verity writing style was very interesting as she writes her book stories from villain’s perspective. As her first book was written from Villain’s perspective which is different and unique, it became huge success.

As the story progresses in biography, we learn that Verity was not happy with her pregnancy as she has a belief that it will ruin her body figure. She wanted a perfect body with great figure just to have sex with her love, Jeremy. Verity was not happy with her twins’ daughter as well because they were getting more attention from her husband, Jeremy. She was very jealous from her own twin daughters since they were born to her. She only cared for her daughters when Jeremy was in home, if Jeremy was not in home, she does not care whether her daughters live or die.

One day, Verity saw a dream where Harper was killing Chastin. Since then, she has more hate for her daughter, Harper than Chastin. Verity has a feeling that one day her daughter, Harper is going to kill her sister, Chastin. Afterwards, Harper and Chastin were in their friend’s home for sleepover, Chastin was suffering from peanut allergy, still she ate peanut in her friend’s home and died. Verity blames Harper for her sister, Chastin’s death.

The real twist is when we realize that Verity is not actually in coma, she is doing all these acting just to get more attention from her husband, Jeremy. When Lowen learns everything about Verity’s past life, she decides to give her biography to Jermey. As Jeremy learns about Verity’s drama, he gets furious and ends up killing her by choking. Few months later, When Lowen and Jeremy returns in Crawford’s house, there Lowen finds a letter written by Verity before her death, she has written that her manuscript (autobiography ) was fictional and its not her real life biography. The crazy part is when Lowen understands that Jeremy already knows everything about her manuscript but still he killed her. Why ?



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