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Summary of Ugly Love By Colleen Hoover

The Story of romance novel “Ugly Love” centers around two major character named Tate Collin, a nursing student, and Miles Archer, a pilot to whom Tate meets when she was shifting in her brother’s apartment in San Francisco.


Summary of Ugly Love By Colleen Hoover


“Ugly Love Summary with Characters”

Tate Collins : A passionate nursing student who is pursuing Master degree.

Corbin Collins : A pilot and brother of Tate Collins.

Miles Archer : A pilot and lover of Tate Collins.

Rachel : She is the first love of Miles Archer.


Summary of Ugly Love By Colleen Hoover

The romance novel “Ugly Love” is written by famous American author Colleen Hoover and it was originally published on 5 August 2014. The Story of novel revolves around a woman named Tate Collins, a 23-year-old nursing student who is shifting in her older brother, Corbin’s grandeur apartment to pursue her master’s degree. When she was shifting in her brother’s apartment, she saw a drunk guy who is leaning in front of their apartment. She calls his brother and tells him everything about a guy, her brother told her not to do anything just go inside of apartment. Tate goes inside but in rush she forgot her luggage outside of apartment.

Tate calls his brother again and tells him about her luggage which is left outside. Her brother called someone for help, but it turns out that to whom her brother is calling is same guy who sleeping in front of their apartment. Corbin tells Tate to bring drunk guy inside of room as drunken guy is his best friend, Miles Archer, a pilot who lives with him. She brings Miles inside of room but as she was taking him inside, Miles was just crying and keep calling one name, Rachel, Rachel, and Rachel.

The way novel story is told is from Tate Collin’s perspective and from Miles Archer perspective and it starts of 6 years earlier from Miles perspective and from Tate it is in present. The story now jumps to a past life of Miles Archer, who was six years back in relationship with her childhood love named Rachel. He had fall in love with her for first time he saw her in school. Rachel was Miles first love and a daughter of his step mom but despite knowing about their relation they still make love as they were in relationship before Rachel’s mother married to Miles’s father. Afterwards, Rachel gets pregnant with Miles’s child and they had a beautiful daughter.

One day, when Miles and Rachel were coming back to home with their child, they had horrific accident in which their baby child died. Rachel blamed Miles for her baby’s death and divorced him since they had an accident. It’s been six years, Miles has not forgotten about her first love Rachel, he has not come into a physical relationship with any woman since his first love Rachel left him alone.

The story now jumps to present where Tate and Miles are attracting towards each other and they are going to be in a romantic relationship in which they share a mutual agreement where Miles by being honest told her that he can’t love her at any point in life. On the other side, we have Tate who is full time nurse and has no time for love or relationship so she is completely comfortable with it. So now they are left with purely physical relationship its like friends with benefits. Miles also have two rules for Tate before they get into this relationship.

a : She is not allowed to ask him about his past.

b : She can’t expect a future with him.

Without any hesitancy Tate agrees with Miles rules as she has no problem with it to be in a relationship with him. Afterwards, when Corbin discovers about the relationship of Tate and Miles, he feels very bad and ask Miles, is he love his sister or not. Miles being honest tells him that he doesn’t love his sister, Tate. When Tate learns about Miles’s answer to her brother, she feels very sad and decides not to talk with him anymore. But whenever Miles comes near to her, she cannot control her feeling for him as she is really falling in love with him.

Furthermore, Miles convinced Tate and brings her back to their relationship, one day when they were having sex, Miles calls Tate by his ex-wife name, Rachel. Tate gets furious and ends up shifting somewhere else. The story of novel ends with Miles telling everything about his past to Tate, he tells her everything about his ex wife, his late daughter and their divorced story. Tate feels sad for Miles but in the end she accepts him in her life happily.



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