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Summary of Shatter Me By Tahereh Mafi

The story of “Shatter Me” revolves around a character, Juliette Ferrars, a 19 years old girl who was born with special gift. She was born with superpower through which she can kill anyone by her touch.


Summary of Shatter Me By Tahereh Mafi


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Summary of Shatter Me By Tahereh Mafi

The Romance novel “Shatter Me” is authored by famous American author Tahereh Mafi, published on 15 November 2011. The story of novel follows a character, Juliette Ferrars, a seventeen-year-old girl who is in asylum from last 264 days. Juliette is a girl who was born with superpower, she has a power to kill anyone by her touch. Juliette’s superpower is causing a great problem in her life as few years ago she accidently killed a boy by her touch. Since then, she is in under care of asylum. Juliette does not want any superpowers; she just wants to live a simple life but unfortunately, it’s not possible for her.

Sometime, Juliette longs for love as no one loves her, not ever her mother and father. They all despise Juliette for her superpower, her school friends, her family members and even her mother and father also. As she goes in school, her school friends throw stone at her, they abused her horribly. Juliette is living a miserable life in asylum because they don’t provide her sufficient food and she is not allowed to meet anyone in asylum.

There comes new character, Adam Kent, a boy to whom Juliette meet in asylum as her new cellmate. Juliette is afraid of her new cellmate, Adam as she has a feeling that he is sent to torture her. Whenever Adam tries talk with Juliette, she just runs away. As the story moves forward, we learn more about Adam, who turns out to be a childhood school friend of Juliette. Juliette has recognized Adam, but she is not telling it to him. One day, Juliette tells Adam about her wish to escape asylum.

On the other side, Adam listens her wish and tells her that he will help her in escaping from asylum. Afterwards, Juliette was sent to different sector where she is treated properly, they are proving her enough food, she is given one personal room and clean clothes, but they have installed CCTV camera in her room. Juliette is happy with her new sector, but she is worrying about Adam, where is he. The story now features new character, Aaron Warner, a guy who brings Juliette from old asylum to new one. As Juliette goes in her new cell, there she learns more about Adam, who is soldier by profession and works for Warner. Afterwards, Adam meets Juliette and tells her about Warner plans.

Warren is characterized as 19 years old merciless guy who doesn’t hesitate in killing anyone and wants Juliette to be a part of his team because of her superpower. On the other side, Juliette rejects Warner’s request as she don’t want to kill or hurt anyone because she just wants to live normal life.  Warner tries to convince Juliette by telling her that she cannot live a normal life, and no one will accept you because of your superpower. The story now shift focus to Adam’s life, an only person who cares about Juliette. Adam tells Juliette that he likes her for years. Juliette is pleased with Adam because now she has someone who likes her and care for her.

As Adam is looking after Juliette, she falls in love with him. The best thing about Adam is that he is immune to Juliette’s touch. On the other side, we have Warner who is also immune to Juliette’s touch. Adam and Warner are the only person in asylum who are immune to Juliette’s touch. Furthermore, Adam and Juliette plans to escape from asylum. They escape together from asylum and goes in Adam’s brother, James’s house.

Warner follows them through Adam’s brother’s house and catch them. He shoots Adam with his gun. Juliette tricks Warner and snatches his gun. She shoots Warner with his gun. Juliette help injured Adam by taking her into a hospital. There she meets a man named, Castle, a rebel leader. Castle tells Juliette that he has been looking for as he wants to use her superpower for a good cause. Castle wants to use Juliette’s power for the welfare of people of their country. At the end of “Shatter Me”, Juliette received one dress through which she can touch anyone.




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