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Slammed Series in Order By Colleen Hoover

Today Iam going to share with you a complete list of “Colleen Hoover Slammed Series”. A through guide to “Slammed Series in order by Colleen Hoover” with all the characters, story plot, age rating and short summary as well.

Slammed Series in Order by Colleen Hoover

Slammed Series in Order By Colleen Hoover

Slammed Series Books List

1 : SLAMMED ( 2012 )

2 : POINT OF RETREAT ( 2012 )

3 : THIS GIRL ( 2013 )






SLAMMED ( 2012 )

Slammed By Colleen Hoover Summary

A Short Summary of Slammed By Colleen Hoover

The story of “Slammed” follows a character, Layken Cohen, an 18-year-old girl who is shifting with her family from Texas to Ypsilanti, Michigan. Lake and her family have suffered a great loss as six months ago her father died of heart attack. Shifting in Michigan is very painful for Lake as her whole life she lived in Texas with her whole family but now one of the members of their family is not with them anymore. She is shifting with her mother and younger brother, Kel Cohen.

The story now features new character, Will Cooper, a 21-year-old boy to whom Lake meets in her new neighborhood of Ypsilanti, Michigan. Will lives with his younger brother, Caulder as few years ago they lost his both parents in car crash accident. The chemistry between Lake and Will is very good, Will asks her for a date and she said yes. They go on their first date which goes good for both.

As the story progresses, we learn about Will, who is a schoolteacher of Lake. Lake and Will were shocked to learn about their teacher and student relation but still they decide to continue their love relationship. The story of “Slammed” revolves around the love relationship of Lake and Will. At the end of story, Lake’s mother died of cancer, she leaves one letter for Lake and her brother in which she advises them to keep on living life with love and passion.


Point of Retreat By Colleen Hoover Summary

A Short Summary of Point of Retreat By Colleen Hoover

The second book “Point of Retreat” continues the story of Layken Cohen and Will Cooper. Lake has passed her high school and now she is in college. It’s been four months since Layken’s mother is dead, she is looking after her younger brother, Kel Cohen. On the other hand, we have Will who is pursuing his masters. As we already know, Will lost his both parents in car accident, he is looking after his younger brother, Caulder Cooper. Lake and Will made a promise to Lake’s mother that they are not going to spend a night together for one year.

The story introduces new character, Vaughn, an ex-girlfriend of Will to whom he meets again in his university. She causes great problems in Will and Lake’s relationship due which they had a big fight and stop talking to each other. Vaughn is a classmate of Will, she is very happy to see him again, but Will is not happy to see her as he is into Lake’s love. Vaughn wants to be with Will again, but Will is not interested in her anymore. Will really love Lake with all his heart. He is not telling anything about his ex-girlfriend to Lake as he don’t want to hurt her.

One day, Lake saw Will with his ex-girlfriend in his bedroom, she instantly started crying and leaves the house without listening to Will. He followed her through the house but Lake does not listen to her. Lake doesn’t listen to Will, and stopped talking to him. Will is furious because he loses his love over someone who doesn’t matters to him.

THIS GIRL ( 2013 )

This Girl By Colleen Hoover Summary


Summary of This Girl By Colleen Hoover

The story of “This Girl” begins with the end of “Point of Retreat”. The novel story begins with Will and Lake who are now likely married and living in San Francisco. Through Lake, we are going to learn everything we need to know about Will’s past, because Lake as wife wants to know everything about her husband.  The story alternate between past and present, at present Will and Lake are going for their honeymoon, and in the past, you are going to learn everything about Will’s past.

What books are in the Slammed Series ?

There are three books in Slammed Series; Slammed, Point of Retreat, and This Girl.

What is the Slammed Series about ?

The Slammed Series is about the relationship of schoolteacher, Will Cooper, and student, Layken Cohen, who begins dating without knowing that they are already in the relation of schoolteacher and student.

What is the age rating of Slammed Series ?

Anyone with the age of 14 or above can read the book Series of Slammed By Colleen Hoover.




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