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Summary of Hunting Adeline By H.D Carlton

A Dark Romance novel “Hunting Adeline by H.D Carlton” is a second part of “Haunting Adeline”. The story continues Adeline and her stalker, Zade’s story who are deeply in love with each other but trapped in different places.

Hunting Adeline Book 2 By H.D Carlton
Hunting Adeline By H.D Carlton Summary

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“Hunting Adeline Summary & Characters”




Summary of Hunting Adeline By H.D Carlton

H.D Carlton “Hunting Adeline” starts with the end of Haunting Adeline, if you haven’t read Hunting Adeline Book 1, I highly recommend you read it first otherwise you won’t understand the story of second book. At the end of Haunting Adeline, Adeline Reilly had a car accident which we all know was a trap by traffickers to kidnap her. She was dragged out from her car by kidnappers. Firstly, kidnappers bring her to hospital because she was badly hurt in car accident. On the other side, Zade is also stuck in fake mission. Adeline and Zade both are separated from each other and doesn’t know anything about each other situations.

Synopsis of Hunting Adeline

The story of “Hunting Adeline” begins with Adeline (Addie) who is captured by woman traffickers and recovering from her injuries. As soon as Adeline recovers from injuries, she was mentally and physically tortured by kidnappers. They abuse her, torture her and made her life miserable. Adie just wants to escape from kidnappers at any cost. She believes that one day her boyfriend, Zade is going to save her from kidnappers. While Zade is also captured but doing everything he can to free himself from traffickers.

One day, Zade escapes from traffickers and immediately started looking for Adie. He is tracking her location by following her kidnappers. He desperately wants to be with Adie but doesn’t know where she disappears. Zade get few girls from girl auction to know about Adie location. He shows one photo of Adie to one of auction girl and finally learns about her location from one girl.

On the contrary, Adie is also planning to escape from traffickers. She killed one of kidnapped girl like her as learns about her plans to escape from kidnappers. Finally, Adie escape from a society of traffickers with the help of one of kidnappers as he removed tracker from her body. At the same time, Zade also tracks her location and rescued her. Furthermore, he supports her a lot in recovering from her trauma and depression. He trained her in self-defence and made her a super strong woman.  

Adie and Zade together catches all the kidnappers from woman traffickers’ society. Zade brutally tortured all of them in a same way as Adie was tortured by them. Afterwards, Zade killed all of them. At the end of Hunting Adeline, Adie, who is truly in love with Zade shows her love and affection to him. On the other side, Zade proposes her for marriage which she accepts happily.

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Hunting Adeline Trigger Warnings

Hunting Adeline is divided into two parts, first part is about Adeline’s accident, her kidnap by traffickers, and it has lots of torture, abuse, murder, and crime. The first part of book is very traumatizing which is hard to read and grasp. In second part of book, Zade is shown as very supporting and calm person which is totally opposite to his first book version. He made Adie very strong woman through the story of book.



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