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Haunting Adeline Series in Order By H.D Carlton

Here is the complete list of Haunting Adeline Series written by Famous American author H.D Carlton. A through guide to Haunting Adeline Series in Order with all the characters, story plot, age rating and short summary as well.

Haunting Adeline Series in Order By H.D Carlton

Haunting Adeline Series in Order By H.D Carlton
Hunting Adeline By H.D Carlton
Haunting Adeline Series Books

Haunting Adeline By H.D Carlton

Haunting Adeline Summary

The story of novel revolves around a young woman, Adeline Reilly, a popular author who shifts in her grandmother’s gifted house. Adeline’s mother was against her when she was shifting in her grandmother’s house. Adeline is not close to her mother, but she was very closed to her grandmother. Adeline’s grandmother recently died so she is going to live alone in that house. As soon as Adeline shifts in house, she started feeling paranormal activities in that house. She realized that someone is keeping an eye on her. Adeline has one best friend, Daya, a girl who supports her in every phase of life. Adeline is very close to her bestie, Daya.

One day, Adeline goes in book signing event with her best friend, Daya. While Adeline was busy in her work, Daya grabs her mobile phone and message one of their friends for hookup. Afterwards, Daya forced Adeline for hookup. On her friend request, Adeline invites that friend in her home to make love. As Adeline was making love with her friend in her home, suddenly she hears an angry knock on her house door. As Adeline goes to check on door, she saw no one there.

At this point, Adeline realizes one thing that someone is keeping an eye on her. She is being stalked by someone wherever she goes, whether she is in home or outside. In Haunting Adeline, we get two points of view, first is Adeline’s point of view, second is Adeline’s stalker point of view. As we get into, stalker’s point of view, we learn that Adeline’s stalker is a man who is crazily in love with her. Adeline’s stalker is a crazy man who can do anything to be with her in life. He feels jealous when someone touches Adeline, and he can even kill people to be with her.


Hunting Adeline By H.D Carlton

Hunting Adeline Book 1 Summary By H.D Carlton
Hunting Adeline Summary

H.D Carlton “Hunting Adeline” is a sequel of “Haunting Adeline”, and it begins with the end of it, if you guys haven’t read first book of series, I highly recommend you read that first. You can easily read it by following above mention link. At the end of first part, Adeline had a car accident and her stalker, Zade is stuck on fake mission. The story begins with Adeline Reilly, who is dragged out of her car by kidnappers, and they take her into hospital as she was badly injured.

As soon as Adeline heals from her injuries, she was brutally abused and tortured by kidnappers. Adeline decides that she is going to escape from kidnappers anyhow. She is going to escape from kidnappers at any cost. Adeline has a belief that her crazy and masculine stalker, Zade is going to save her from kidnappers. On the other side, we have Zade, who is trapped in fake mission. Zade is also injured but still doing everything he can to escape from kidnappers. Zade has no idea about Adeline, he doesn’t know that she is also kidnapped. He doesn’t even know about her location.

One day, Adeline escape from Kidnappers society with the help of one of kidnappers. On the contrary, Zade also tracks Adeline location, and finally rescued her. Afterwards, Zade helps Adeline in recovery from trauma and suffering. As Adeline recovered, Zade teach her self defence and makes her strong woman. Zade and Adeline get along together and caught Adeline’s kidnapper. Zade torture them in same way as Adeline was tortured by them. Afterwards, Adeline and Zade killed all the kidnappers brutally.


How many books are in the Haunting Adeline Series ?

There are two books in the Haunting Adeline Series, First book, “Haunting Adeline”, second book “Hunting Adeline”.

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