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Summary of Haunting Adeline By H.D Carlton

The Dark Romance “Haunting Adeline Summary” is authored by American author “H.D Carlton”, published on 12 July 2021. The Story of novel follows, Adeline Reilly, a young author who is living in a Haunted House gifted by her grandparents.

Haunting Adeline By H.D Carlton

Haunting Adeline By H.D Carlton Summary


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Synopsis of Haunting Adeline

H.D Carlton’s “Haunting Adeline” follow a character, Adeline Reilly, a young woman author who lives alone in her grandmother, Serafina’s gifted house. Adeline was very close to her grandmother as compared to her mother, Sarina Reily, but unfortunately her grandmother is no more so now she is living alone in her grandmother’s gifted house. Adeline’s grandmother’s house is kind of like a haunted house as many people died in it when it was building. She has perceived many paranormal activities in her house since she started living there but still, she doesn’t want to leave her house.

On the contrary, Sarina worries a lot about her daughter, Adeline, as she wants her to leave Serafina’s house. Adeline is not leaving her house because she has lots of loving memories with her grandmother in it. The story now features new character, Daya, a best friend and a backbone of Adeline who supports her in every good and bad aspects of life. One day, Adeline goes at book signing event with her best friend, Daya, where she stumbles upon a man, Zade Meadows, who stares at her ceaselessly.

In “Haunting Adeline”, we get two points of views, one is from Adelin’s perspective, second is from Zade Meadows’s perspective. As we get into Zade’s perspective, we learn that he has become obsessed with Adeline since he saw her for the first time in book signing. He is willing to do anything to get Adeline in his life.

The story now jumps to Adeline, who is at book singing event busy in doing her things where her best friend, Daya grabs her phone and texts one of their old friends for hookup. Afterwards, Daya convinces Adeline to go for a hookup. Adeline invites that friend on her home to spend nigh together. Adeline was in her home making love with her friend, she hears an angry knock on her house’s door, as her frightened friend goes to see it, he finds no one there.

Eventually, Adeline sends her scared friend back to his home as she was not much interested in him. After this occurrence, Adeline realizes that someone is strongly keeping an eye on her whether she is at home or outside. As the day passes, Adeline started receiving beautiful flowers at her home daily. She doesn’t know who is keeping an eye on her and who is sending her flower daily. Adeline is very frightened, but she doesn’t talk about it to anyone except her friend, Daya.

One day, Adeline was enjoying with her friend, Daya in a bar, she gets approached by few strange boys and as she started talking with them. She receives a text message from unknown number who wants her to stop talking with these bar boys otherwise he will kill them all. Adeline ignores her text message and keep talking with strangers in bar. One of boys from bar drop Adeline in her home. Adeline gets close with bar boy and as she was hooking up with him, she again hears an angry knock on her house door. Adeline’s friend goes to check on door, but he vanished suddenly.

 On the next day, Adeline receives one strange parcel with her books and as she opens it to check it, she saw a severed hand of a man in it. She immediately calls her friend, Daya for help. With the help of Daya, Adeline digs severed hand inside the ground. Afterwards, they file a complaint in police station. One day, Adeline’s stalker suddenly reveals his identity to her, and that stalker is none other than Zade Meadows, who is keeping an eye on her since their first meeting in book signing event. As Zade has revealed his identity to Adeline, he started coming at her home to meet her whenever he wants to. Furthermore, Adeline with Daya’s help installed CCTV cameras in her home to keep a protection from Zade.

On the contrary, Zade is an owner of Cyber Security organization, he eventually hacked Adeline’s CCTV cameras to goes in her home. Adeline is tired of Zade, she asks him like why is doing all these crazy things to her. Zade tells her that he is in love with her, and he wants her to love him back. Even though Zade is a crazy man, but he is very good looking and masculine in looks which in the end attracts Adeline towards him. At the end of “Haunting Adeline” Zade finally made Adeline fall in love with him with his darkest side.




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