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The Red Queen Series Order By Victoria Aveyard

The Red Queen Series order collection of five book sets written by Famous American author, Victoria Aveyard. A comprehensive guide of “The Red Queen Series in order” with all the characters list, age rating and short plot as well.

The Red Queen Series in Order by Victoria Aveyard

Red Queen Series in Order by Victoria Aveyard

The Red Queen Series Books Collection

Red Queen Series Characters

Mare Barrow

Kilorn Warren




“Red Queen Series Book 1”

Red Queen By Victoria Aveyard

Red Queen Review By Victoria Aveyard
“Red Queen Review”

The first book “Red Queen” tells the story of character, Mare Barrow, a 17-year-old teenage poor girl who lives in a country where peoples are divided by blood which is Silver Blood and Red Blood. The first type of people are Silver Blood who possesses different types of superpowers. The second type are Red Blood people who are common folk as they are just normal human being with no special power.

As Silver Blood are strong, powerful, and rich, they rule the country and often use Red Blood as their servant. The silvers have given only two choices to Reds, either to serve them as their servant or fight a war from their side which is very dangerous. They frequently conscript reds people into their army for a war between the realm of Norta and Lakelands.

Mare lives in small town called Stilts with her father, mother, and younger sister, Gisa. She also has three elder brother who are fighting in war from Silvers side. Mare is a red blood girl though, but she possesses superpower which made her equal to Silver Blood. Mare has a power to control electricity and produce lightning. She can bring out lightning with her electric power whenever she wants to.

As Mare possesses superpower, she is a serious threat to Silver Blood hence silver king is determined to marry her with his second son, Maven. He is forcing her to marry his youngest son. Mare is good at one more thing which is stealing, she is great at stealing things, and she does it to support her very poor family with money and food.

Mare has one childhood friend, Kilorn Warren who is turning eighteen and going to conscript by silvers into their army to fight a war. Mare is also turning eighteen but has a plan to escape her country with her friend, Kilorn as they don’t want to fight somebody else’s war.

“Red Queen Series Book 2”

“Glass Sword By Victoria Aveyard”

Glass Sword Review By Victoria Aveyard
“Glass Sword Review”

Glass Sword is a second book of “Red Queen Series” by Victoria Aveyard. The story of Glass Sword begins with the end of first book, Red Queen. At the end of Red Queen, Mare and Cal were betrayed by Maven and gets arrested by their army. Whilst Maven is going to become a king of their country. Glass Sword shows dark side of Mare and Cal as they drift into an antihero which makes book more and more interesting. The book is slow at the beginning but if you persist till the end, it will reward you with interesting plot and exciting ending. Glass Sword is full of action with beautiful plots and it’s ending will make you super curious to read third sequel of Red Queen series.

“Red Queen Series Book 3”

King’s Cage By Victoria Aveyard

“King’s Cage Review”

Kings Cage is a third book from Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen Series, first published in 2017. This book starts from the ending of Glass Sword. At the end of Glass Sword, Mare surrenders herself to King Maven to protect Cal and her friends from him. Kings Cage’s story begins with Mare, who is prisoner of Maven and cannot use her lightning power anymore. There is no chance for Mare to escape from Maven as she is in under surveillance by his security guard.

When Mare was captured by Maven, I thought now he is going to torture her, but he doesn’t do any of these things to her. Maven feeds her with food and allows her to live in luxury room. He even allows her to sit in meetings with him. King Maven does it because he is in love with Mare; he is obsessed with her but can’t release her as he was completely brainwashed by his mother, Elara Merandus.

King Maven’s mother Elara was silver who has the power to go in people’s mind and change their feelings and mindset. Elara uses her power to change her son, Maven’s feeling for Mare. On the other side, Maven was so with obsessed with Mare that even his mother failed to destroy his feelings for her.

“Red Queen Series Book 4”

War Storm By Victoria Aveyard

“War Storm Review”

War storm is a fourth and final book of Vitoria Aveyard’s Red Queen Series, originally published in 2018. It begins right after the ending of third book of series, King’s Cage. The best thing about “War Storm” is it gives us a point of view of five or six characters from first three books which I think is super interesting to read. One more thing, War storm is all about action and battles.

Frequently Asked Questions: –

How many books are in the Red Queen Series ?

The Red Queen Series are consist five books, first book, “Red Queen”, second book, “Glass Sword”, third book, “King’s Cage”, fourth book, “War Storm”, and last book, “Broken Thorne”.

What genre is Red Queen Series ?

The Red Queen Series genre is Young Adult literature and fantasy fictional.

What is the second book in the Red Queen Series ?

Glass Sword is a second book of Red Queen Series.

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