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The Naturals Book Series By Jennifer Lynn Barnes

A thorough guide to “The Naturals Series in order” written by Famous American author, Jennifer Lynn Barnes. A complete guide of the Naturals Series with all the characters, age rating and short review as well.

The Naturals Book Series By Jennifer Lynn Barnes

The Naturals Book Series By Jennifer Lynn Barnes


The Naturals Series Books in order

The Naturals Series Characters

Cassie Hobbes



Sloan Tavish

Dean Redding

The Naturals By Jennifer Lynn Barnes

“The Naturals Book Summary”

The first book of “Naturals Series” follows a character, Cassie Hobbes, a 17-year-old teenage girl who is great at reading human being’s mind through their behaviour. She joins a team of FBI who have assembled a team of “The Naturals”, a group people who are born with special qualities like reading individuals mind, reading their affections, and catching their lie etc. The Naturals are a team of gifted people who are hired by FBI to use their natural qualities in solving mysterious crimes and cold murder cases. As Cassie joins FBI team, she meets other individuals like her who are born with exceptional qualities. Cassie has only one goal in life which is to solve her mother’s mystery who was suddenly vanished 5 years ago.

Cassie has a feeling that her mother is still alive therefore she is doing everything she can to learn about her disappearance. She lives in her father’s house who is presently in a service of military. The story now features new character, Michael, a boy who is best in reading people’s emotions through their utterance. Their group has two more girls, Lia, who is great at catching people’s lie. The third girl is Sloan, a great mathematician. As Cassie get close to her team, she discovers secrets about a love relationship of Michael and Lia. These are the main characters from first book whose story first book follows.

Killer Instinct By Jennifer Lynn Barnes

“Killer Instinct Review”

The Killer Instinct is a second book of “The Naturals Series” by Jennifer Lynn Barnes and it was originally published on 6 November 2014. The first book majorly focuses on character, Cassie Hobbes but in second book, “Killer Instinct” we are going to follow Dean Redding from first book. The great thing about Naturals Series is it also gives us serial killer perspective which I believe is the best thing in the world for a reader like us.  

All In By Jennifer Lynn Barnes

“All In Summary “

All In is a third instalment of Natural Series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, it was first published on 3 November 2015. The story of novel begins from a casino of Las Vegas where three people are brutally murdered in three consecutive days. Cassie and her Naturals team are called to investigate their murder case and catch murderers. The first book was about Cassie Hobbes, second book was about Dean Redding but this book, “All In” majorly focuses on life of Sloan Tavish. I really enjoyed a story of Sloan as a main character; I loved reading about her as I believe she is one of the best characters of series. I wish I could her hug her in real life.

Frequently Asked Questions: –

Who does Cassie end up with in the naturals ?

In the second book, Cassie ends up with Dean. She decides to be with Dean over Michael. However, she also continues her friendship with Michael.

How many books are in the naturals series ?

There are total five books in “Naturals Series” including one Novella. The first books is “The Naturals”, second book, “Killer Instinct”, third book, “All In”, fourth book, “Bad Blood” and last Novella, “Twelve”.


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