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The Inheritance Games Series By Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Today I’m going to share with you a complete list of Inheritance Games Series in order authored by American author, Jennifer Lynn Barnes. A complete guide of “The Inheritance Games Series” with all the characters list, short summary and age rating.

The Inheritance Games Series in order By Jennifer Barnes

The Inheritance Games Series in By Jennifer Barnes

The Inheritance Games Series Books Collection

The Inheritance Games Characters

Avery Kylie Grambs

Tobias Hawthorne

Libby Grambs


Maxine Liu

Grayson Hawthorne

Jameson Hawthorne



Toby ( Harry )

The Inheritance Games By Jennifer Lynn Barnes

“Synopsis of The Inheritance Games”

The first book of Inheritance games series revolves around a teenage girl Avery Kylie Grambs, a high school girl who is living alone as her mother recently died and her father is a deadbeat who is not with her anymore. She is living in Connecticut with her half-sister, Libby. Avery loves to play chess with homeless guy in park and sometimes she feeds him with food which reflects her sympathy towards poor people. Avery’s life transforms as she learns about wealthy billionaire, Tobias Hawthorne, who have left his billion-dollar fortunes for her despite having his own grandchildren. Nevertheless, to inherit Tobias’s fortune, Avery must play Inheritance Game created by Tobias Hawthorne for them.

One day, Avery received a call from her school’s head office where she was introduced to a guy, Garrison Hawthorne, a grandson of Tobias Hawthorne. Garrison wants Avery to come with him in Texas as her attention is needed to read his grandfather, Tobias’s will. Avery is bewildered as she doesn’t know Garrison and don’t know why she is required in Texas to read somebody else’s grandfather’s will. Avery goes in Texas with her half-sister, Libby. There Avery learns that she has inherited 46.2 billion dollars by Tobias Hawthorne.

Avery is mystified because she doesn’t know why she is inherited 46.2 billion dollars by Tobias despite having his own four grandsons. Avery is going to inherit all Tobias’s wealth like his money, authority, house, and his football team. However, to inherit Tobias wealth, Avery must live in Hawthorne’s house for one year with his four grandchildren. As Avery shifts in Hawthorne’s house, she gets super close to two of Tobias’s grandsons.

At the end of novel, Avery discovers that Tobias had one more son, Toby Hawthorne, who died by burning in fire, but his body never found. The story ends with Avery who saw one of photographs of Toby and immediately recognized him as his chess friend, Harry, a homeless guy with whom she used to play chess in Connecticut park.

The Hawthorne Legacy By Jennifer Lynn Barnes

“The Hawthorne Legacy Summary”

The story of “Hawthorne Legacy” begins with the end of “The Inheritance Games”. The Hawthorne story starts with Avery who believes that Toby is none other than her chess friend, “Harry”, a homeless guy. At the same time, Avery’s dad is trying to return in her life, but she doesn’t want him to be back because she has feeling that he is coming for her wealth. On the other hand, Libby has no problem with her dad, and she is going to give him second chance.

As the story progresses, Avery learns about Toby, who turns out to be an adopted son of Tobias Hawthorne. She saw a handwriting of Toby which matches with her birth certificate signature. Avery believes Toby/Harry is her real biological father because of his sign on her birth certificate. She also does her DNA test, but it does not match with Toby. Throughout the story, Avery is on a mission to find out why Toby ( Harry ) left his family’s fortune and why he runs away from his family and living homeless.

The Final Gambit By Jennifer Lynn Barnes

“The Final Gambit Summary”

The Final Gambit is a third book of Inheritance Games Series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. In Final Gambit, Avery Kylie Grambs is going to accomplish her 1 year in Hawthorne’s house. The book introduces us new character, Eve, a daughter of Toby (Harry). She looks like Emily, a girl who died of heart disease. Emily was embroiled in complicated love triangle between Jameson and Grayson. Eve goes in Hawthorne’s house and tells Avery that her father, Toby is kidnapped by someone.

Avery agrees to help Eve in saving her father from kidnappers. She took Grayson and Jameson’s help in rescuing Toby from kidnappers. She successfully rescued him from Kidnappers. Afterwards, Avery uses her inheritance in helping people who were harmed by Tobias Hawthorne.

Frequently Asked Questions : –

What is the Age Rating of The Inheritance Games ?

I believe anyone with the age of 13 or above can read the book of Inheritance Games Series.

What genre is The inheritance games Series ?

The Genre of Inheritance Games is Mystery and fictional.

How old is Avery in The inheritance games ?

Avery is shown as 17 years old teenage girl in Inheritance Games Series.

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