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Crescent City Series By Sarah J. Mass

A Complete list of Crescent City Series authored by famous fantasy writer Sarah J. Mass. A through guide of Crescent City Series with all the characters, story plot and age rating as well. Let’s learn everything about the Crescent City Series by Sarah J. Mass.  

Crescent City Series By Sarah J. Mass

Crescent City Series Books

Crescent City Series Characters

Bryce Quinlan : A major protagonist of the Crescent series who is half woman and half fae and work as an investigator in Crescent City.

Ember Quinlan : A loving human mother of Bryce.

Jesiba Roga : An ancient witch who is a mentor of Bryce. She is sagacious, powerful, and has a great knowledge of magic.

Danika Fendyr : A Best, loyal friend of Bryce who is an alpha leader of pack of devils.

Hunt Athalar : A skilled fallen angel who helps Bryce throughout the book in her Investigation.

House of Earth and Blood By Sarah J. Mass

House of Earth and Blood Summary

House of Earth and Blood is a first book in thrilling “Crescent City Series” by Sarah J. Mass. The story of the novel revolves around the character, Bryce Quinlan, a 23 year character who lives in a world where paranormal species live like angels, witches and humans . Bryce is half woman & half fae and lives in Crescent City.

Bryce works at an antique store which is owned by a four-hundred-year-old Sorcerer named Gesiva. She has one best buddy named Danika, a granddaughter of Werewolf Prime and an alpha leader of the pack of Devils. Bryce’s best friend, Danika, is great in politics. The third important character of the story is Hunt Athalar, a fallen angel.  

The story of House of Earth and Blood sets in the country of Valbara where strange and weird creatures live like werewolves, angels, mermaids, witches and fairies. The country is controlled by a very powerful angel called Asteri. There is currently a war taking place between the creatures of Valbara and humans. Humans are rebelling against the creatures of Pangera as they believe they are often maltreated and killed by powerful creatures like vampires and witches. Humans are rebelling to be free and have equal rights like powerful angels, witches and vampires.

The story now jumps to a life of Bryce Quinlan, whose life took a sudden change when her best friend, Danika is assassinated along with several innocent people by a powerful demon. To seek justice for her best friend, Danika, Bryce became an investigator to catch murderers behind Danika’s murder. She unite with Hunt Athalar, a fallen angel and skilled warrior, to take revenge and uncover a truth behind her best friend’s murder.

House of Sky and Breath By Sarah J. Mass

House of Sky and Breathe Summary

House of Sky and Breath is a sequel of “Crescent City Series” by Sarah J Mass. The novel continues the story of Bryce and Hunt Athalar who unite together in the first book and do an investigation on Danika’s murder. The story of the novel begins from Kavalla, a death camp where human beings and rebels are imprisoned and patrolled by dread wolves.

The story introduces us with a new character named Sophie Renast, a spy of a rebel group who is imprisoned in Kavalla. Sophie is characterised as a normal human being though she possessed the power of a thunderbird. She has the power to control and generate electricity. Three years ago, Sophie’s brother was taken prisoner in Kavalla camp. Therefore, She is doing everything she can to rescue her brother from the death camp.

One day, Sophie successfully locates her brother’s location in Kavalla camp and they together runs away from the prison with the help of agent called Silverbow, who turns out to be a Sophie’s lover.

House of Flame and Shadow By Sarah J. Mass

House of Flame & Shadow
House of Flame and Shadow Summary

House of Flame and Shadow is a third and last book in the “Crescent City Series” by Sarah J. Mass. The story of “House of Flame and Shadow” starts from the ending of second book, “House of Sky and Breath”. The story begins with our protagonist Bryce Quinlan, who is among her friends, Nesta and Azriel.

Nesta and Bryce formed a great friendship in the book, I simply loved their friendship bond. They are honestly amazing friends. The book follows Bryce Quinlan through the story who is on a mission to end tyrannical rule of all powerful Asteri.

Frequently Asked Questions : –
How many books are in the Crescent City Series ?

There are total three books in the Crescent City Series. First book, “House of Earth & Blood”, second book “House of Sky & Breathe”, and third book, “House of Flame & Shadow”.

What is the order of the Crescent City Series ?

Here is the list of Crescent City Series books mentioned in order.

1 : House of Earth & Blood

2 : House of Sky & Breathe

3 : House of Flame & Shadow

What is the first book in the Crescent City Series ?

The First book of Crescent City Series is ” HOUSE OF EARTH AND BLOOD”.

How many books are going to be in the Crescent City Series ?

As of May 2024, there are three books in the Crescent City Series By Sarah J Mass. There may come more books in series but its not confirm as author has only given the hint of fourth book but its not confirmed yet.


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