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Summary of Our Casuarina Tree By Toru Dutt

Our Casuarina Tree is a poem written by Famous Indian Poet and translator, Toru Dutt, and it was originally published in 1881. Toru Dutt was an Indian Bengali writer who has written her work in English and French. 

Our Casuarina Tree By Toru Dutt
Summary of Our Casuarina Tree By Toru Dutt

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Summary of Our Casuarina Tree By Toru Dutt

The story of poem “Our Casuarina Tree” begins with an explanation of Casuarina tree which is planted in author’s garden near her window.


The narration of tree starts from a creeper which is winding around a tree like a huge python snake. The tree is very rough, has many deep scars and it is so big in height that sometimes it feels like it is reaching a stars of sky. The Casuarina tree is very powerful because it is bearing a weight of heavy creeper which no other tree could bear. The poet says her tree is wearing a creeper like it is a scarf of a women.

There are beautiful flowers hanging around the tree as well which often attracts adorable birds and bees towards it. When poet goes to sleep, a sweet song often plays in her garden at nigh which seems to have no end.

In the morning, when poet wakes up and opens her room’s window, she feels very happy to see her Casuarina Tree. Sometimes and mostly during winter, a gray colour baboon comes in and sits alone on Casaurina tree. He watches sunrise while his children plays on branches of tree. At the same time in dawn, Kokilas sings the song for everyone. And our sleepy cows goes to graze. And tree’s shadow falls on the big water tank which is located near a hoar tree. The water lilies have grown on top of water pond which looks like a snow en massed.

The poet says her Casuarina tree is very beautiful though but she doesn’t love her tree because of its beauty. Toru loves it because she has grown up playing beneath the shelter of tree with her brother and sister. The poet says that she loves her tree as much as she loves her brother and sister. The Caurarina tree reminds poet about her childhood memories with her brother and sister.

Sometimes tree also cries because of poet’s sorrow and pain, and  it cries like sea water hitting a rock. The poet says that she has listen a sound of tree cries from a very far-far places.

Whenever author listen to her tree’s sound or voice, it directly touches her heart. Sometimes, tree’s sound touches poet inner soul which reminds her about her lovely childhood life. It is only because of causalina tree, poet remembers everything about her childhood life. Therefore, Toru Dutt wants to write a lovely song for her lovely Casualina tree.

The poet says to the tree that you are beloved to those who are now in blessed sleep for aye repose. Here poet is talking about her brother and sister who are no more. The poet says to her tree that I’m writing a song for you which will make you immortal. In the end, Toru Dutt write a song for her Casuarina tree which will keep her tree alive for generations.


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