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Summary of Five Point Someone By Chetan Bhagat

The Fictional novel “Five Point Someone” is authored by Famous Indian writer “Chetan Bhagat”, originally published in 2004. A famous Bollywood blockbuster movie “3 Idiots” is inspired from none other than Chetan Bhagat’s “Five Point Someone”.

Five Point Someone By Chetan Bhagat
Five Point Someone By Chetan Bhagat


Summary of Five Point Someone By Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat’s “Five Point Someone” revolves around a life of three IIT students from Delhi. The first friend of group is Ryan Oberoi, a son of wealthy businessman who is a weakest student of class in studies. Ryan is an innovative and daring student who hates Indian education system. Ryan doesn’t like his parents as they spend most of their time in abroad to handle their businesses.

The second friend is Alok Gupta, a bibliophile who belongs to poor middle-class family. Alok is opposite of his friend, Ryan, as he cares for his family, and he is a very emotional person. He keeps one paint brush in his geometry box which is given by his father to him. Alok’s father is paralyzed, and he keep paint brush as a memory of him. Alok’s mother is a biology teacher who is an only earning person in their family. The third friend is Hari Kumar, a son of Indian Army officer who falls in love with a girl named, Neha, a daughter of Mr. Cherian, a professor at IIT, Delhi.


The story begins with first day of college where professor is teaching students about a power of machine. He claims that Anything which reduces human effort is called Machine. At the same time, Ryan asks a very interesting question, if machine reduces human effort, then what do we call to gym equipment as they do opposite and increase human effort. Ryan made his professor speechless in front of whole class.  

Furthermore, all three friends go to watch a movie at night, and they return very late from movie show. The subsequent day, they perform very bad in a class of Professor, Dubey. Alok got highest mark in his friend group which is 7 marks, and Hari achieve 5 marks. Alok is very angry, he tells his friend that a plan of watching a movie was a bad idea. On the other side, Ryan doesn’t react on anything as he has no interest in studies. He considers cramming as boring thing to do.

Meanwhile, Alok believes that all the students must do cramming to graduate from IIT. Ryan suggests his friend, Hari to start doing morning walk as he was gaining weight day after day and becoming unfit. Hari was on walk where he meets a girl, Neha, who gives him lift to college. During their conversation, Hari learns that Neha is a daughter of their professor, Mr. Cherian.  As Neha was dropping Hari in college, Alok saw them together and advises Hari to keep a distance from Neha.

One day, Ryan received a money from his parents, and he buys scooter with that money. After a while, Alok got a call from his family member as his father is very unwell. Alok goes with Ryan on his scooter to bring his father to hospital. There Ryan learns that his friend, Alok belongs to poor family. Ryan booked a taxi for Alok’s father and brings him to hospital in taxi. On the next day, Alok doesn’t perform good in his class while Ryan doesn’t care about his low marks. Ryan tells Alok that perhaps IIT is India’s best college, but IIT haven’t invent anything great till now. Alok replies IIT has produced great engineers for India. Ryan made a plan that they are going to study for 2 – 3 hours daily.

One day, Hari saw Neha on college campus bookstore and says “Hello” to her. Neha comes outside and bring him inside of store. She tells him that book seller knows his father and his father is very strict about her friendship with boys. Afterwards, they decide to go in Ice cream Parlour for casual talk. There she tells him that her driving license has been issued. Hari checks Neha’s license and learns about her full name “Neha Sameer Cherian”. Neha tells him that Sameer was her brother who died in an accident. They promised to meet again in same Ice cream Parlour and goes back to home.

Ryan, Hari and Alok exams are very close, they realized even if they study for 20 hours a day that won’t be enough to pass out in exam. Finally, exams have been started, first exam is Ryan’s favourite practical exam. On the contrary, Neha and Hari are falling in love, they meet every month on a date of 11. They meet only on date, 11 because that day every month Neha’s parents goes on Temple’s railway track where her brother died. She doesn’t go with her family as she feels depressed there.

As results declared, all three friends get below 5.5 marks which is lesser than average. Ryan is still happy with his marks and tells his friends to party with him. But Alok is very disappointed with his marks, and he even abuses Ryan in anger. Alok decides to go in Venkat’s room who is a topper in their class. Their trio is not a trio anymore as Alok is not in their group now. As the story progresses, we learn about Alok who achieve 6 marks in his next semester while Hari and Ryan get only below 5 marks. Hari and Ryan started meeting on the room of their hotel to drink and smoke. They are enjoying their life to fullest.

One day, Ryan heard an argument of Alok with Venkat in which he was asking for Venkat’s help for his father. But Venkat denied helping Alok’s father. Ryan decides to help Alok’s father and bring him to hospital again. Afterwards, Alok returns to his old friend, Ryan, and Hari’s room. There comes Neha’s birthday on month of December, Ryan planned with Hari to enter in Neha’s room secretly to give her gifts. Hari gives Neha flower from her father’s garden. Simultaneously, Neha’s father learns that somebody is in his house, he shouts who is it?  On which Ryan replied it is your father and they immediately run away from his home.

During their fourth semester Viva, Hari was very scared for what they did to their professor, Ryan advises him to drink Vodka to be confident in front of Mr. Cherian. Hari drinks vodka though but get caught by him through Vodka’s smell. Mr. Cherian throws Hari out of his class and gives zero marks to him. Ryan plans to rob question papers from professor office for his friend, Hari. Ryan takes a help of Neha to rob question paper, and she tells him that her brother didn’t die by accident, he died by suicide. Her brother, Sameer committed suicide because he failed to clear is IIT entrance exam.

Furthermore, Ryan enters Mr. Cherian’s office secretly but get caught by his security guard. Guard brings Ryan to Cherian. Mr. Cherian failed Ryan, Hari and Alok in their next semester. Alok in depression attempt suicide by jumping from the roof of their college building. He was taken to hospital through Ambulance and his body had 12 fractured but he survives. Neha forgives Hari and they meet again in Ice Cream Parlour. She gives him her late brother’s suicide note as she doesn’t want her father to see that suicide note. Simultaneously, Neha’s father, Mr. Cherian comes in and caught Neha and Hari together. He snatches suicide note from Hari’s hand and started reading.

As soon as Mr. Cherian reads letter, he started crying for his son. Since then, Mr. Cherian changed himself and become a good person. He even praises Ryan and his friends for their lubricant project. During placement, Alok got high paying job in Delhi, Hari got high paying job in Mumbai, but Ryan only got job as an assistant in his college though he made such a great project in college. He only gets 2 thousand monthly for his job. Hari’s girlfriend, Neha got great job as a fashion designer. Hari is not happy with his job as it allows him no time to meet her love, Neha.

Ryan was a creative and an innovative person who has the audacity to think outside the box and change the world. But he doesn’t get any placement because he was not good in cramming like other students. The story of Five Point Someone teaches us about our country education system who has no value for creative and innovative people as they just value people who are good in cramming and following others.

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