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Summary of The Lotus By Toru Dutt

The Lotus is a poem written by Famous Indian writer Toru Dutt. In this poem, Toru Dutt has praised the beauty of Lotus Flower, she consider Lotus as a Queen of flower.

The Lotus By Toru Dutt
The Lotus By Toru Dutt Summary

Summary of The Lotus Poem By Toru Dutt

About Author : Toru Dutt was born in 4 March 1856 in small village of India. Toru is one of the founding figures of Anglo Indian Literature. Her famous works include “ A Sheaf Gleaned in French Fields”, “Ancient Ballads” and “Legends of Hindustan”.

 In Indian culture Lotus has its own position above then any other flower because lotus is a flower which is also liked by several Hindu Gods like Saraswati, Ganesha and Brahma.

The Lotus poem starts from “Love” who goes to “Flora” and asks to choose a Queen of flower out of all the flowers. Lily and the Rose have been rivals to each other to be the undisputed Queen of flower. Bards have written lots of poem about the beauty of Lily and Rose. Both have equal rights to be a Queen of Flower. The Rose can never stand straight like a Lily flower while Lily always stand straight with pride. But is the Lily lovelier than Rose ?

Therefore all the flowers are divided into two teams as few flowers are supporting Rose while few are supporting Lily. The poet says give me a flower which is delicious as Rose and stand stately as flower Lily. But of what color ?

Love first chose Red color like Rose. Then changes his mind and chooses white color like Lily flower. Or poet ask to chose a flower which has both color combination of Rose & Lily. And Flora chooses a Lotus flower as it has both Rose Red color and Lily white color. When we mix Red color with white color it forms new color i.e pink color which is a color of Lotus flower. At the end of poem, Lotus flower won the title of Queen of Flowers because it contains a combination of Rose and Lily.


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