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Summary of November 9 By Colleen Hoover

The novel “November 9th” is written by famous American author Colleen Hoover and it was originally published on 10 November 2015. The story of novel focused on two major character named Fallon, an 18 years old girl, and Ben, a writer and good friend of Fallon.



“November 9 Summary & Characters”

FALLON : A girl who gets burned in fire at her own house.

BEN : A writer and friend of Fallon.

KYLE : A brother of Ben.

IAN : A second brother of Ben.

JORDAN : A sister in law of Ben.


Summary of November 9 By Colleen Hoover

The story of “November 9” begins with a major character named Fallon, a girl who goes in a restaurant to meet her father on November 9. The relation of Fallon and her father is not good, it is because 2 years back on same date “November 9”, when Fallon was just 16 years old, she was burned horribly in fire at her father’s house because of her father who forgot about her and runs away from house. She believes how can a father forget about her only daughter who is burning in fire and leaves the house alone. Fallon considers her father as a selfish man who does not care about anyone, not even about his daughter.

The story now jumps to present where Fallon is sitting with her father in a restaurant and telling him about her plans to shift in New York City to pursue her acting career on Broadway. Fallon’s father tells her to pursue other career over acting as her face and body has fire scars due to which she can’t become an actor now. There comes new character named Ben who comes between Fallon and her father and starts pretending himself as Fallon’s boyfriend in front of her father. He insults Fallon’s father as he was discouraging her and tells him that she can still become a successful actor. Fallon’s father does not say anything but end up leaving restaurant.

Fallon and Ben begin talking with each other while Ben ordered food for her as she hasn’t eaten anything when she was talking with her father. Fallon finds Ben interesting, so she invites him to back to her apartment for packing. Fallon undresses herself in front of Ben but its not for physical pleasure or anything, it’s just to show her scars to him. Ben sees all her scars and tells her that she is a most beautiful girl in the world and her scars are also very beautiful. He tells her not to worry about the world.

Fallon and Ben goes for dinner at nigh and when they were talking Ben fall asleep on Fallon’s bed without eating his dinner. Ben drops Fallon at her station as she was supposed to leave today for New York City. Fallon tells him that her mother told her not to come in relationship with anyone until she is 23 years old. Fallon and Ben made a plan that for five years they are going to meet only once a year which is on same date “November 9”, in same place and restaurant. Afterwards, Fallon blocks Ben on all social media platform, says goodbye to him and leaves for her flight to New York.

The story now jumps to Fallon and Ben’s first November 9, Ben is waiting for Fallon on same date at same place in same restaurant. As Ben was waiting for Fallon, one lady across the street comes to him with phone call, he picks up the call and it was Fallon telling him that her flight is delayed but she is trying her best to be there as soon as possible. Ben says how about meeting at my home and she agrees to meet him at his home.

Fallon goes to meet Ben at his home, he welcomes her warmly and brings her in his room and started talking. While they were talking there comes a new character named Jordan, a girl who goes inside Ben’s room, but she didn’t react and leaves room after saying sorry. Later, we learn that a girl named Jordan is engaged with Ben’s brother named Kyle and their marriage is within a week. Their first November 9 is all about Fallon meetup with Ben’s family like his brother named Ian and Kyle and his brother Kyle’s future wife named Jordan.

There comes their second November 9, Fallon is waiting for Ben in one of the restaurants in New York, but he does not come to meet. Afterwards, Fallon received a call from Ben telling her that he can’t come as his brother Kyle had a car accident in which he died on the spot. Fallon feels sorry for Ben and decides to meet him at his house. Ben was busy with his family when he hears a knock on his door and when he opens door, it was Fallon who comes to meet him. Ben hugs her immediately and bring her to his bedroom.

Furthermore, we learn that Fallon and Ben had a sex that night which was very good. Ben tells Fallon that he don’t want her to leave because he need her, love her and want to be with her everyday not just once a year. Fallon agrees to stay with Ben as she is also in love with him. But next day Fallon leaves him without letting him know as she believes Ben has responsibility to look after his family and dead brother’s widow who is pregnant with a baby.

The story now jumps to third November 9, Fallon and Ben meets in Los Angeles at same place in same restaurant. This time Ben comes with his nephew named Oliver, who is very cute. The sad part is when Fallon learns that Ben is dating Jordan, who is his late brother’s wife. She feels very sad, heart broken and ends up leaving restaurant.

This is their fourth November 9, Ben is waiting for Fallon in Las Angeles in same place at same restaurant but Fallon does not comes to meet him as she don’t want to see him again. Ben finds Fallon in club with her friends, he convinced her and bring her happily to his home. There, Fallon reads a manuscript of Ben, through which she learns that the fire she had in her house was fired by Ben. She gets furious and ends up leaving Ben’s home without listening his side story.

The next year one day before their final November 9, Fallon received a full manuscript of Ben, which was first read by Fallon’s mother, who urges Fallon to read it. On her mother request she reads full manuscript of Ben and learns everything about him. She realizes that she was wrong about Ben who would never hurt her and decides to forgive him. On fifth November 9, they meet again apologize to each other and ends up living happily together




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