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Summary of All your Perfects By Colleen Hoover

“All Your Perfects” novel is written by Famous American author “Colleen Hoover”, and it was originally published on 17 July 2018. The story of novel revolves around a girl named Quin, who has just caught his fiancé making love with another woman.


All Your Perfects Colleen Hoover Summary


Characters of All Your Perfects

QUINN WELLS : A lead character of novel who is suffering from infertility.

GRAHAM WELLS : A second lead character and husband of Quinn.

ETHAN : An ex fiance of Quinn.

AVRIL : A mother of Quinn.

ANDREA : A colleague of Graham whom he kisses in his car.

AVA : A sister of Quinn.


Summary of All Your Perfects By Colleen Hoover

The story of “All Your perfects”, begins with seven years in past, where Quinn is going in her fiancé, Ethan’s apartment to surprise him. But as she reaches her fiancé apartment, she saw a man who is roaming in front her fiancé apartment. There comes second major character of novel, Graham, who is pacing outside of Ethan’s apartment, and he is very angry, what is happening with him?

Quinn thinks maybe he is a psycho but as she talks with Graham, she learns that he is pacing in front of apartment because his girlfriend is inside of room with her fiancé, Ethan. Quinn and Graham begin talking with each other where Graham explain complete situation to her. As they were talking with each other, there comes Chinese food ordered by their partner which they eat together while waiting for their partners to open the door.

Quinn has made her mind that she is not going talk with Ethan anymore, and soon she will end her relationship with him. Graham gives his mobile number to Quinn to stay in touch, but she never calls him. Six months later, they meet each other by coincidence and ends up hooking up which leads them to a romantic relationship.  

The way book story is told it is in alternate chapters which are “then”, (seven years in past where Quinn was engaged to Ethan) and “now” (present) where Quinn and Graham are unlikely married and struggling with their infertility for years. Quinn loves her husband but she can’t form a physical relationship with him as she is struggling with infertility.

She spends long hours in shower weeping and thinking how she is failure, because as woman she always wanted to be a mother but she can’t be one because of her inability to give birth to a child.

The story now introduces new character named Avril, a mother of Quinn Wells. The relationship of Quinn and her mother, Avril is not quite good, it is because her mother never wanted a child as she does not believe in love, she has always used men just for the purpose of money.

Quinn remembers when her father died, her mother married to another man within a year just for money in a beach house. Quinn meets her mother maybe once a week, sometimes once a month and it’s just to be criticized by her.

As the story progresses, we learn that Quinn and Graham marriage is falling apart, it is not just because of infertility but because of lack of communication. Graham thinks Quinn don’t want to be with him as she just wanted to be a mother and now she cannot be one so she has nothing left to do with him.

Afterwards, Graham seems attracted towards a woman, Andrea, who works with him, one time he ends up kissing her in his car. He tells Quinn about his relationship with his colleague. One day, Quinn caught Graham in his car wiping his neck, it was a situation where Quinn feels very upset and angry at the same time. Graham explains the situation to Quinn, he told her that this women reminded me of you, I miss you and that is why I did this because I don’t have you anymore and I don’t think I will ever get you back in my life.

Quinn is still upset about Graham, she decides to leave him, she goes in her sister, Ava’s home who is living in Europe. Few weeks later, Graham shows up on Ava’s door with letters which Quinn and Graham used to write each other at the beginning of their relationship. He made her emotional with all their letters. Quinn tells Graham that she still loves him and wants to be with him. The couple decide to live in Italy with Quin’s sister, Ava.

One day, Quinn and Graham were doing shopping, there they came across a cute puppy. The story of novel ends with Quinn and Graham adopting a cute puppy and naming it “August” which is their marriage month.

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