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The Summary of Reminders of Him By Colleen Hoover

“Reminders of Him” is a contemporary romance novel written by famous American author “Colleen Hoover” and it was originally published in 18 January 2022. The Story of novel follows a character, Kenna Rowan, a 26 years old women who is sentenced for five years in prison as she was involved in drunk and driving car accident in which her boyfriend died.


Summary of Reminders of Him By Colleen Hoover | Colleen Hoover

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“Characters of Reminders of Him”

Kenna Rowan : A lead character novel who is just released from prison.

Scotty : A boyfriend of Kenna, who died in car accident.

Diem : A daughter of Kenna and Scotty.

Ledger : A bar owner and neighbor of Scotty’s parents.

Summary of Reminders of Him By Colleen Hoover

The Story of novel revolves around a character, Kenna Rowan, a 26-year-old troubled woman who has just released from prison after serving five years in it. She was in prison for five years because she was associated with drunk and driving car accident in which her boyfriend, Scotty died. When Kenna was going in prison, she learns that she is pregnant with her late boyfriend, Scotty’s child. She was forced to give her baby to Scotty’s parents as she cannot keep the baby in prison.

After serving five years in prison, she is looking for her child whom she was forced to give up at the beginning of her sentence. During her five years sentence, Kenna was not allowed to meet her baby as Scotty’s parents has taken all parental rights from her. She does not have any rights on her only daughter, Diem.

Kenna Rowan is pleased because Scotty’s parents are taking care of her daughter but sometimes she also feels sad because she can’t meet her daughter and has no legal rights on her.  When Kenna was released from prison she moves back to her town and try to reconnect with her four years old daughter named Diem because during her time in prison she has never seen her and never taken her in her arms since she was born and on the other hand Scotty’s parents don’t want Kenna to meet Diem because in their eyes Kenna is real culprit who has murdered their son. Scotty was only son they had but unfortunately he died in accident so now they are left with his daughter and they don’t want Kenna to be around her because for them Diem is their entire world now.

When Kenna arrives in town she end up going in a bar which was a book store before where she used to go with his late boyfriend Scotty. The novel now introduce new character named Ledger Ward, a bar owner and Scotty’s best friend to whom Kenna meets when she visits bar in search of book store. Ledger starts attracting towards Kenna and told her to meet him at evening time and they had a conversation in which Kenna learns that Ledger is late Scotty’s best friend and has a strong relationship with her daughter Diem and Scotty’s parents.

The story of novel is told from two alternating point of views between Kenna and Ledger and when we learn about the car accident from Ledger’s point of view we understand that during car accident Kenna just run away when Scotty was injured & trapped in car and she does not call for help and Scotty we get to know that he lived for six hours after the car accident which means he may have survived an accident if Kenna would have asked someone for help.

The story now jumps to present where Kenna who goes to meet her daughter diem in Scotty’s parents house and she was standing in front of Scotty’s house where Ledger who live across the streets from Scotty’s parents house recognize her and goes towards the house and he stopped her and kept her away from their house because he thinks because of her mistake his best friend Scotty died. Sometimes Ledger also feels sad for Kenna because he understand that its not a good thing to keep a mother away from her daughter so he tried to help her by showing her the photographs and videos of her daughter and also offer her a job in his bar. The first part of novel ends with Ledger showing photographs of Diem to her mother Kenna.

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