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Summary of It Ends With Us By Colleen Hoover

The romance novel “It Ends with Us” is written By Famous American Author Colleen Hoover and it was published on 29 February 2016. The story is about a women named Lily, a young college grad who is ready to explore her life after college.


The Summary of It Ends with Us By Colleen Hoover


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The Story of novel revolves around a girl named Lily Bloom, a young college alumni who lives in Boston. The Story starts with Lily who is ready to explore her life after graduation, she is sitting on a 12th floor’s rooftop and thinking about suicide. No not her own, she like her life and want to explore it fully. Lily is thinking about other people who end their lives by suicide. Do they ever regret it?

Lily Bloom meets a man named Ryle Kincaid, a resident surgeon to whom she starts falling in love with but both have different goals when it comes to relationship. Ryle is charming, aspiring and brilliant man who is not interested in stable relationship on the other hand Lily is only interested in stable relationship. Ryle is only looking for casual relationship where Lily is looking for stable relationships. Ryle tells her that he would like to have one night stand with her and she said no and they both go separate ways without the chances of reuniting.

Lily is now alone on rooftop thinking about her cruel father who died recently. The death of her father is kind of like freedom for her because her dad was very cruel towards her mother but her mother never left him because at some point he was good dad to lily. Even though at some levels her dad was good father to Lily but she can never forgive him for the cruelty he did to her mother.

Lily goes in home and begin reading her diary which she wrote when she was 15 years old. The dairy is a flashback of her past through which we get to know about a boy named Atlas Corrigan, an 18 years old homeless boy who live behind lily’s childhood home. Lily starts approaching him day by day and then begins to help him daily because she feels deeply sad for him. They finally begins to talk with each other and started becoming good friends which leads them to understand and trust each other. She fall in love with Atlas when he starts helping her with her feelings like in dealing with her cruel father but Atlas can’t go on living destitute forever so he decides to leave, but he don’t want to as he is also in love with Lily but in spite of that he ended up leaving because it was good for him.

Colleen Hoover It Ends With Us Summary

The story now jumps to present and in present Lily hires Ryle’s sister Allysa to work in her flower store and thanks to this serendipity through which she meets Ryle again. The love begins to form between Ryle and Lily and they starts spending more and more time together and their love actually becomes very intense.

One day when she was with Ryle in a restaurant in Boston she saw Atlas who is actually a Head chef there and they both recognize each other and had a brief conversation in which Atlas tells her that now he is in a committed relationship with somebody else. The story goes on and Ryle actually starts hurting Lily domestically and one day he even pushed her to kitchen and hit her head causing a deep wound on face. She is shocked because from her childhood she has always hate her father for the cruelty he did to her mother and now she finds herself in her mother shoes.

Ryle apologize to her for his mistake and convinced her that whatever he did will never happen again. Lily is convinced by Ryle that it will never happen again and she has convinced her mind that Ryle is not like her father. Their relationship begins to proceed again and Lily actually agrees to married Ryle and they get married very quickly in Las Vegas, everything was going good, they are living together with Ryle’s sister in an apartment but peace only lasts few months because he a saw diary of Lily and starts reading it and got very jealous by Lily and Atlas secret love story.

Ryle was drunk when he was reading Lily’s diary and in intoxication he started abusing lily he even choked her and then try to rape her. The moment Lily recovers from Ryle’s abuse she decides to seek help from Atlas who takes her in his house and allowed her to live in house for few days. He actually takes Lily to the hospital to make sure everything was okay with her and doctors did a blood test on her and it turns out that Lily is pregnant. She has to decide to stay with this cruel husband who abuse her like her father used to abuse her mother or to break out from this offensive relationship.

She stays in Atlas house for a while and decide to leave Ryle because he is not worth the relationship and she predominantly made the decision for her new born daughter because lily thinks living alone and independently is far better than living with a abusive husband. The novel story ends with a divorce of Ryle and Lily and few months later she finds herself with Atlas who has always loved her and in the end Atlas and Lily are going to end up together because Atlas is only the person who has never hurt lily.



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