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Twisted Love Series in Order By Ana Huang

Today Iam going to share with you a complete list of “Twisted Love Series” in order authored by New York Times bestselling author, Ana Huang. A thorough guide to Ana Huang’s Twisted Love series with all the characters, story plot and short summary.


Series of Twisted Love By Ana Huang
Series of Twisted Love By Ana Huang




“Ana Huang Books in Order”

Twisted Love Series Characters

Ava Chen : A vibrant, optimistic photographer, struggling with fragmented memories and the weight of her father’s past actions. Ava’s free spirit challenges Alex’s rigidity, and her resilience offers him hop

Josh : Ava’s protective older brother and Alex’s best friend. His departure sets the stage for their unconventional arrangement and serves as a constant reminder of Alex’s loyalty.

Alex Volkow : Haunted by a stolen childhood, Alex walks the world cloaked in frost. His eyes, glacial mirrors, reflect the fire of vengeance. But warmth flickers beneath – ignited by Ava’s light. This stoic businessman, sharp as a razor and fiercely protective, wrestles with demons. Can love thaw his icy resolve and rewrite his destiny?

Ivan Volkow : Alex’s manipulative and ruthless uncle, responsible for the tragedy that haunts Alex’s past. He represents the darkness Alex seeks to overcome.

Bridgette : Ava’s best friend and confidante, offering unwavering support and a dash of light humour through their journey.


Twisted Love By Ana Huang Summary

A Short Summary of Twisted Love By Ana Huang

The story of “Twisted Love” follows a character, Ava Chen, a very beautiful girl who lives with her father and brother. She has one loving brother Josh Chen, who is a medical student. Ava is very talented girl and works as a photographer. One day, Ava was coming back to home from her shoot in heavy rain, she calls her brother, Josh, for help but he was busy in partying. Josh sends his best friend, Alex to pick Ava from shoot to home. Alex is a cold-hearted person who can do anything to get what he wants. Afterwards, Josh is going in central America for his medical volunteering.

He requests his best friend, Alex to look after his sister till he returns. As Josh is Alex best friend, so he agrees to take care of Ava. Alex ends up shifting in Ava’s neighbourhood which she doesn’t like. Ava with her friends help started doing pranks on Alex. She does lots of pranks on Alex, but they failed to send him back to home. Alex is fearless person who has no emotions and no fear of anything. As the story moves forward, we learn that Alex and Ava begin to like each other but doesn’t tell each other because of Josh.

There comes new character, Ivan Volkow, an uncle of Alex who has raised him since his childhood. He wants a CEO position in Alex’s company. But Alex has no interest in giving his position to his uncle, Ivan. Ivan kidnapped Alex’s friends Ava to blackmail him. Alex tells lies to his uncle to save Ava and her friends from his uncle. Alex tells him that he does not love any of his friends and he can do whatever he wants to.

The story of “Twisted Love” revolves around the love story of Alex and Ava’s relationship. At the end of story, Ava leaves Alex and goes in London, but he followed her through London and brings her back. The story of novel ends with Alex telling Ava about his friend Bridget, who is going to become a princess.


Twisted Games By Ana Huang Summary

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A Short Summary of Twisted Games By Ana Huang

The story of “Twisted Games” follows a character, Bridget, a girl who is a princess of Eldora. Bridget don’t want to live like a princess as she wants to live a simple life which is not possible for her at this position. Bridget is characterized as very beautiful, soft hearted and kind girl. She has one bodyguard, Rhys Larsen, who is very good looking and masculine. Rhys is over possessive for Bridget, he can do anything to protect her from danger.

Rhys has a secret crush on Bridget but can’t do anything because she is princess of Eldora, and he is just a bodyguard. On the other side, we have Bridget who learns about her brother that he cannot be a king of Eldora. It is because there is one rule in Eldora which is “Royal Marriage Law”. Royal marriage laws say to become a King or Queen of Eldora you must marry someone from Noble family. Bridget’s brother, Nikolai is marrying someone from common family so he can’t be king. They are making Bridget, a Queen of Eldora in replacement of her brother. As soon as Bridget heard the news of Eldora, she gets upset because she doesn’t want to be a Queen of Eldora.

As the story progresses, we learn about Rhys and Bridget who falls in love with each other, and they don’t want to leave each other no matter what happens. The news of Bridget and Rhys’s relationship spread everywhere due to which Bridget’s grandfather had a heart attack. Bridget blames herself for the heart attack of her grandfather, and she ends up ending her relationship with Rhys. Rhys does not lose hope for Bridget, he has a feeling that one day he will get her back to his life. Their relationship is ended but they still love each other.

Bridget has nine months to be a Queen of Eldora, she made to plan to get both, to become a princess of Eldora and marry Rhys. As soon as Bridget become a princess of Eldora, she removed “Royal marriage Law”. The story of novel ends with Bridget marrying her handsome bodyguard, Rhys.


Summary of Twisted Hate By Ana Huang

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A Short Summary of Twisted Hate By Ana Huang

The story of “Twisted Hate” revolves around character, Josh Chen, a very good looking and charming doctor. He is Ava’s brother from the first book of Twisted series. The heroine of novel is Jules Ambrose, girl who is best friend of Ava from first book. Jules is very beautiful and intelligent girl and a great party lover. She works as part time nurse in same hospital where Josh work as a doctor.

As Josh and Jules are working together in same hospital, they seem attracted to each other, they come into a relationship which is non friend with benefits. Josh and Jules have set couple of rules for this relationship in which are they cannot call each other, they can only talk through messages, they can’t interfere in each other’s life. The most important and useless rule of their relationship that they cannot fall in love with each other.

As story moves forward, Josh and Jules break almost all the rules of their relationship and they ends up falling in love with each other. But they are not revealing it to each other. Jules had an encounter with her ex-boyfriend, Max who started blackmailing her. He blackmailed her with their sex video, he tells her that if she does not listen to him then he will release their sex video everywhere. Jules is very afraid of Max, so she agrees to do whatever her ex-boyfriend wants him to do. He asks for precious painting which is on Josh’s room. She steals Josh’s painting from his home and gives it to her ex. Afterwards, Jules feels guilty for stealing a painting. She planned to bring Josh’s painting back.

The story now features new character, Christian Harper, a professional hacker, and best friend of Rhys from second book of series. With the help of Christian, Jules deletes her sex tape from her Max’s database. Afterwards, she returns Josh’s painting back to his home. When Josh learns about Jules stealing his painting, he was furious at her as she betrayed him. Josh in anger ends his relationship with Jules and stopped talking to her. Few weeks later, Jules again had an encounter with her ex, Max, who forced her to bring painting back to him. Jules denied his request so in anger Max push her from the staircase. Furthermore, Jules lost her senses and hospitalized in Josh’s hospital where he does her treatment.

Josh asks her like how she fell from stairs. Jules tells him everything like how her ex, Max push her from stairs. Josh is furious at Max; he finds him and beat him ruthlessly. Afterwards, Josh returns to Jules in hospital and apologizes to her. At the end of story, Jules forgive Josh and lives with her happily.


Summary of Twisted Lies By Ana Huang

A Short Summary of Twisted Lies By Ana Huang

The story of “Twisted Lies” revolves around character, Christian Harper, a profession hacker, and a best friend of Rhys from second book. The heroine of story is Stella, a fashion blogger who has dream to have her own fashion brand someday. Stella has no money, no support from her family for her dream. To fulfil her dreams, she works in Dc Style magazine. Stella was in an event where she had a meetup with Christian Harper, who is very private and cold-hearted person. Christian is a billionaire and CEO of company, Harper Security. Stella lives in an apartment owned by Christian.

Christian feels something for Stella, he decreases his rent fees for her to live in his apartment. Christian is becoming weak for Stella day after day. On the other side, we have Stella who is very tensed as her Instagram followers are not increasing. She needs at least one million followers on her Instagram page to collaborate with her favorite brands. She received one suggestion from her secretary that she can increase her followers by posting her posts with boyfriend. As Stella is single, she made of plan of fake dating. She organized her plan with the help of Christian who become her fake boyfriend for Instagram posts.

In return, Christian want Stella to go with him at events where she can also click pictures with him. There is one rule for Stella, she can post photos with Christian on her Instagram page but without showing his face. The rule of hiding boyfriend face on posts does wonder for Stella, she gets million followers in just a month. Afterwards, Christian takes Stella in one of his penthouses to live because she is getting threat from her Instagram stalker. He also provides her bodyguard for her safety. Few days later, Stella gets selected as brand ambassador in her favourite brand, Delamont.

Christian and Stella seems attracted to each other as they are living together in same penthouse. They are living together, sharing their secrets to each other, and travelling to lots of places together. Christian and Stella decides to convert their fake dating into real dating. They begin dating.

One day, When Stella was Christian’s office, she came across files in which Stella’s name was written. She begins reading files through which she learns that her Instagram stalker is Christian. Stella ends up leaving his penthouse and goes in Ava and Alex’s home. Christian followed her through Ava’s home and tried to convince her, but Stella doesn’t listen to him and tells him to leave her home.

Afterwards, Stella was in coffee shop where her real stalker kidnapped her by tricking her bodyguard. Stella’s bodyguard informs Christian immediately about her kidnap, Christian comes and find her with the help of CCTV footage. There Stella learns about Stalker, who is a magazine writer and love her. He kidnapped her as she was dating Christian. As soon as Christian learns about the real identity of stalker, he killed her. Christian apologizes to Stella. At the end of story, Stella forgives Christian and ends up living with her happily.

1 : How many books are in the Twisted Love Series ?

There are four books in Twisted love Series: Twisted Love, Twisted Games, Twisted Hate, and Twisted Lies.

2 : What is the age rating of Twisted Love Series ?

Anyone with the age of 18 or above can read the series of Twisted Love.

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