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Summary of It Starts With Us By Colleen Hoover

The Story of “It Starts with Us” begins with the end of “It Ends with Us” By Colleen Hoover. If you guys have not read “It Ends with Us” I recommend you to read this novel first because “It Starts with us” is second part of novel “It Ends with us”.

Summary of It Starts with Us By Colleen Hoover

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“It Starts With Us Summary & Characters”

Lily Bloom : A young college grad.

Atlas : A childhood friend of Lily.

Ryle : An ex husband of Lily

Summary of It Starts With Us By Colleen Hoover

At the end of “It ends with us” Lily gives divorce to his abusive husband and she encounters Atlas on a street of Boston. The story of “It starts with us” begins with Lily who is going at her flower shop and Atlas now has two restaurant in Boston and lily is confused whether to text Atlas or not and she does not text him all day because she is worried about Ryle who may cause problem in her life because of her dating with Atlas. Furthermore, on that day Atlas starts texting Lily and she immediately text back to him it turns that this time Atlas is all in and he is never gonna leave her again.

He invites her for a lunch and they starts talking with each other and on the other hand Atlas’s mom whom he has not seen for a decade starts contacting him again after 10 years and one day he got a call from her mother but he didn’t pick up her call & immediately block her number because Atlas thinks he was homeless at such a young age is because of her mother who left him alone and never came back.

Atlas keeps getting vandalism at his two restaurants he check his security footage and found out that it was boy who is disturbing him and Atlas is confused because he don’t know anyone who hates him. Atlas decide not to take any action against a boy because Atlas believe there was a time when he was homeless and he used to go through hunger so he decide not take any action against the boy.The novel is all about the love story of Atlas and Lily and they begins to spend more time together and Atlas decide to take Lily on a date & he takes her in a best restaurant in Boston.

Colleen Hoover It Starts with Us Summary

Lily is very tired and she falls asleep on her date with Atlas and while lily was sleeping Atlas starts reading her journal entries about her past and he reads about their first kiss when they were younger and when lily wakes up he recalls the memory of their first kiss. Atlas takes lily home and decide not to kiss lily at the moment, their first kiss was when they were 16 years old since then they haven’t kiss each other. Furthermore, Atlas mother has contacted him again and she told him about his younger brother who is 12 years old has run away from home in Boston if he ever tries to meet you let me know and bring him back to me. At this point Atlas has realized the boy who is vandalizing and breaking into his restaurant is his 12 years old brother whose name is Josh because it makes sense coz he knows Atlas name and has reason to hate him for abandoning.

After a while, Atlas encounters his 12 years old brother named Josh and he starts feeding him and decide to takes him in his home. Afterwards, Lily and Atlas decide to go on another date which goes really good and at the end of their date they end up sleeping together and having sex at Lily’s house. In morning lily hears knock-knock on her door and when she goes to open the door its Ryle who was knocking and he gets very upset when he saw two wine glasses and man undergarments on her couch because he understands what has happened last night. Ryle gets furious by looking at her bedroom and he hit her face on her door and then leave and for few days he didn’t talk with lily but one day he came back at her flower shop and starts yelling at her.  The first part of novel ends with the fight of Ryle and Lily at her flower shop.



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