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Summary of Cherry Tree By Ruskin Bond

The Story of novel “Cherry Tree” is revolves around a boy named Rakesh who lives in his grandfather home which is located in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. The story begins when he planted a cherry seed in his garden and take care of it every single day.

The Cherry Tree By Ruskin Bond

The Summary of Cherry Tree By Ruskin Bond


Summary of Cherry Tree By Ruskin Bond

The “Cherry Tree” is a novel written by famous Anglo-Indian author Ruskin Bond and it was originally published in 1980. The story of novel is about a boy named Rakesh who was coming back from his school eating Kashmiri cherry. He lives with his grandfather in a city named Mussoorie located in Uttarakhand. He does not live with his father and mother who are fifty miles away from his grandfather home.

A village which has no school or colleges to study so that why his mother and father send Rakesh to his grandfather home to study. His grandfather father is a retired forest stranger who have one cottage given by government to him. When he was coming back from school, he purchases few Kashmiri cherry and eat all on the way to home except three cherry which he gave to his grandfather to eat.

His grandfather eats only one cherry and gave two back to Rakesh and he eat all the cherries happily. Rakesh took one seed from his eaten cherry and showed it to his grandfather, and he told him not to waste cherry seed and use it for some kind of good work. Afterwards, Rakesh’s grandfather tells him that you should use this seed to plant a cherry tree. He listens to his grandfather advice and plants a cherry tree in his balcony garden. Furthermore, Rakesh goes to play football with his friends and forgot about the seed he had plant.

One day when he was playing in his garden balcony, he saw a little growing plant of cherry. He runs towards his grandfather room and tells him about a cherry plant which he advices him to plant a year ago. His grandfather advises him to water cherry plant daily if he wants to make it a big tree of cherry. Rakesh used to plant his cherry plant daily but one day what happens is that one goat came in his garden and eats all the leaf of his cherry plant.

Rakesh feels very sad about his cherry tree, but grandfather tells him not worry as it just a leaf which goat has eaten not tree and new leaf will grow again on plant soon. As the plant leaf begins to grow again, one day, a gardener lady came in his garden to cut wild grass and by mistake she cut Cherry tree into two pieces. Rakesh’s grandfather come and starts shouting at gardener as she has cut his grandson tree into two pieces.

This time Rakesh and his grandfather has no hope for their tree but as the summer came miracle happen and cherry tree started blooming once again. Rakesh was in his father and mother home for summer vocation but when he came back to his grandmother home, he saw that cherry blooming and grow almost as tall as Rakesh’s height. He saw insect on his tree leaf, but he does not remove it because it is a first visitor of his tree, and he goes back to his room. Slow-slowly as the winter come, more insects begin to come in his tree and his tree was also growing slowly-slowly and becoming a proper cherry tree day by day. In a month of between December and January as snowfall fall came, his tree was bending down day after day.

When grandfather saw tree, he calls Rakesh because it was a surprising moment as pink flowers are growing in cherry which are looking very beautiful. The next summer, cherry fruits come on tree which looks completely red and tasty. Rakesh tastes few cherries from his tree, but it has no taste, and his grandfather tells him maybe next year the fruit will be sweet and delicious.

One day when Rakesh was looking for his grandfather, he saw him sitting in a shade of cherry tree which gives relief from hot in summer. He asks his grandfather that in forest, there are thousands of trees but still why we only love this tree only and his grandfather replies we love tree because we have planted it with our own hands. The story of novel ends with Rakesh and his grandfather who were sitting in a shade of their tree and enjoying its cool air.

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