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Summary of Immortals of Meluha By Amish Tripathi

The novel “Immortals of Meluha” is written by famous Indian author Amish Tripathi and it was originally published in February 2010. The story of novel revolves around a character, Shiva, a common man who become God throughout the book story.


The Immortals of Meluha Summary | Amish Tripathi


Summary of Immortals of Meluha By Amish Tripathi

The story of novel begins with main character, Shiva, who is standing at a bank of Mansarovar Lake, looking at sky and remembering his carefree childhood days. Shiva takes out his chillum from his pocket made up of Cannabis, took a deep drag of it and begins moving towards his village. In the village, Shiva learns about strange foreigners who are kept in cottage by villagers. Shiva takes one more drag from his chillum and goes towards a foreigner’s cottage to meet them.

There comes new character, Nandi, a leader of foreigner group who request Shiva and his villagers to shift in his village, Meluha. Nandi tells Shiva about his village, Meluha, which is far superior to their village. He tells everything about his village to Shiva. Like people call his village by name Meluhu but Nandi calls his village by name heaven as he believes his village is nothing less than heaven. He asks Shiva and his villagers to shift in his village as they will be given free fertile land and resources for farming. Nandi doesn’t need anything from Shiva and his villagers. He just wants them to live peacefully in his land, pay taxes and follow the laws of land.

Shiva believes, people from Meluha are very civilized and trustworthy. Shiva is thinking of believing in them. Suddenly, Shiva hears his villagers shouting Pakratis. Over the years, Shiva’s tribe have fought against Pakratis to protect their homeland from them. As always, Pakratis attacks ruthlessly on Shiva’s village, and this time again Shiva and his tribe fought bravely against Pakratis. But they lost 10 women and children during their fight with Pakratis.  

Shiva feels very sad because they lost around 10 women and children in their fight against Pakratis. Shiva thinks just for survival, they have to fight hard every day. He requests his villagers to go in Nandi’s village, Meluha. Shiva and his tribe had a discussion regarding a shift in Nandi’s village. Afterwards, Shiva and his villagers decides to go in Meluha. They all reach Meluha in three weeks. Shiva with his villagers begins roaming in Meluha. Meluha is divided into four big platforms, villagers have their own home, their own Mandir, their own market and whole city is well planned.

Nandi brings Shiva and villagers in different places of Meluha where they meet executive officer who was standing to greet them. He gave shiva and his villagers, one house to each family. When everyone was busy in their new house, one female doctor comes to do their checkup. She asks everyone to be Quarantine for one week so that she can do their checkup thoroughly. Shiva and his villagers are very happy with their new home with soft comfy bed. After dinner, doctor gives everyone one medicine syrup to protect them from bacteria. Shiva cannot sleep in such a comfy bed as he is not used to it. He removes his bedsheet from his bed, spread it on floor and ends up sleeping on floor.

When shiva was sleeping, he realizes that he is sweating and having problem in breathing. Shiva goes outside of house to takes proper breath; there he meets his friend who tells him that everyone is falling sick. Shiva and his friend go to Doctor’s house, he tells her about the sickness of their villagers. Doctor asks Shiva, everyone is falling sick why you are not, Shiva tells her no I’m not sick but I’m sweating. Doctor says, Shiva you should take a shower because you are sweating. Shiva gets angry on doctor because everyone in his village are falling sick, and she is telling him to take a shower. She tells Shiva that his sweat might be poisonous and if you don’t take shower you may die. On doctor request, Shiva goes back to his home to take a shower.

As Shiva comes back from shower, he feels very strong, it is like all his wounds are healed but he is feeling very cold around his neck. When Shiva goes outside of his home, he meets a doctor, who told him that she has given medicine to all the villagers and now everyone is feeling better. Doctor asks Shiva why he is wearing a cloth around his neck; Shiva removes his neck’s cloth and told her that he is feeling very cold around his neck.

As doctor saw Shiva’s neck, she falls on floor immediately.  She was just crying and saying this to Shiva; Neelkanth finally you came, Neelkanth finally you came to our house. Shiva in shock goes back to his home to check his neck on mirror, he saw that his neck has turned into a blue color. The first part of novel ends with Shiva’s neck turning into a blue color.



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