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Summary of The Diary of Anne Frank

The Diary of a Young girl is written By Anne Frank, published on 25 June 1947. Readers around the world know this diary as “The Diary of Anne Frank”. The story of novel sets in location, Amsterdam, and Holland.


The Diary of Anne Frank Short Summary | Anne Frank

Summary of The Diary of Anne Frank

The Diary of a Young Girl is a real-life story of Jewish girl, Anne Frank from a time of World War II when Germany was conquering and capturing European countries. The story begins with Anne, who received a beautiful diary as a gift on her 13th birthday from her father. Anne is from a Jewish family. She was a loner girl who had no friends in school.

She has no one to share her thoughts and feelings. She had a loving family like her lovely father and mother, her grandmother, and her 16 years old sister. Despite having such a big and lovely family, she had no one to confide. As Anne had no one to share her thoughts and ideas, she started writing her thoughts on her gifted dairy. She started writing about her day-to-day life in her diary. She wrote one great line in her dairy which says, “Paper has more patience than people”.

 Anne used to live in Germany with her family but as Adolf Hitler comes in power in Germany, he started torturing and killing Jewish people. To protect his family from Hitler’s cruelty, Anne’s father escape from Germany and comes in Netherland with his family. Afterwards, Anne’s father, Otto Frank started his own business in Netherland. The problem occurs when Adolf Hitler with his Nazi troops invaded Netherland. As Nazi troops were torturing and capturing Jewish people in Netherland, Anne’s family hides themselves in a secret place called “The Annex”. Anne’s family spend around 2 years in secret Annex.

They were not an only family who is living in Annex. There was one more family, a family of Mr Van Dan and Mrs Van who were living with Anne’s family in Annex. Anne does not have good relationship with her mother, she only loves her father who cares for her. The story now features new character, Peter, a son of Mr Van Dan and Mrs Van Dan who become a good friend of Anne. She is feeling something special in her heart for Peter. On the other hand, we have Anne’s father, Otto, who doesn’t like an appearance of Peter in Anne’s life. She loses her love for Peter and started focusing on her diary.

One day, Nazi troops caught Anne’s family and put them into concentration camp. Everyone from Franks family died in concentration camp except one person and that person is Anne’s father, Otto Franks. As World War II ends, Anne’s father, Otto Frank goes back to his home in Amsterdam. There he finds a diary of his daughter, Anne. Afterwards, Otto decides to publish her daughter’s diary in form of book. Otto published her Anne’s diary with a name of “The Diary of a Young Girl“.

Anne had a dream to become a Successful writer in life.

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