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Summary of The Blue Bead By Norah Burke

The Blue Bead is a novel written by famous British writer, Norah Burke, originally published on 1953. The story of novel centers around a life of Sibia, a 12 years old brave girl who save one woman’s life from a dangerous crocodile.

The Blue Bead By Norah Burke

Summary of The Blue Bead By Norah Burke

The story begins with antagonist i.e a very dangerous crocodile who lives in a river of a protagonist’s village. The story of novel revolves around a character, Sibia, a very beautiful and innocent little girl who belongs to very poor family.

Sibia is characterized as a 12 years old decent girl who is so poor that she don’t even have a proper clothes and sleepers to wear. Just like other girl, Sibia had a dream to wear bangles, bead and beautiful dresses. She sacrificed her childhood life to help her family in household work like cleaning, cooking and washing.

All the women of the village used to go to a cliff rock through the river and they used to break paper glasses on rock. Sibia also used to go with her mother on rock to break paper glasses. To cut paper glasses, women have to cross a dangerous crocodile’s river. Whenever women crosses the river, they shout very loudly to make crocodile run away from the river.

When village’s women were returning, Sibia left behind to collect her clay toys. She get lost while playing with her clay toys and forgot to go with her mother and other women of village. She is left alone with no one to look after. As per author words, Sibia is a brave girl, she is not fearing that she is left alone and need to cross the river as well to go back home.

As Sibia was returning home, she saw a women of her village who came to get drinking water from river. To get clean drinking water, woman goes into deep side of the river. As woman step into deep side of river, one crocodile attacks her and caught her leg. Afterwards, crocodile started dragging woman inside of river. As soon as Sibia saw crocodile’s attack on her village’s woman, she run to help her with hay fork in her hand. She attacks on crocodile’s eyes with her hay fork.

Sibia brutally injured crocodile with hay fork and make him run away from river. She helps injured woman and bring her back to her home. There lots of people thanks Sibia for her bravery against dangerous crocodile. Afterwards, she goes back to river to take her left paper grass. When Sibia was collecting her paper grass, she saw one blue shining bead. Sibia gets very happy after watching blue bead because it is no less than a diamond for her. She can use it to make a beautiful neck less for herself.

When Sibia reaches her home, her mother scolds her for coming home late. At the end of story, Sibia shows her beautiful blue bead to her mother which she received from a god for saving woman’s life.


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