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Summary of Final Solutions By Mahesh Dattani

Final Solution is a play written by Famous Indian author, Mahesh Dattani. The story of play revolves around a life of Daksha, a recently married girl who is sitting in her home and writing her life experiences and learnings.

Final Solutions By Mahesh Dattani
Summary of Final Solutions By Mahesh Dattani

Summary of Final Solutions By Mahesh Dattani

The story of play starts with major character, Daksha, a recently married girl who is sitting in her home and writing their life experiences. She writes about her home and how her life has changed after marriage. Daksha writes in her dairy that although our country has achieved freedom but there are still women in Indian who aren’t Independent. It is because women are still not allowed to go outside of house.

Daksha is not happy with her husband’s family as she wants to be a singer like Noor Jahan but she is not allowed to sing. She is imprisoned in her husband’s home. There comes new character, Zarine, a muslim girl who is friends with Daksha. Like Daksha, Zarine also loves Noor Jahan and Shamshad Begum songs. Daksha and Zarine have same taste in music and they ends up becoming good friend of each other.

The story now shift 40 years ahead. Daksha is an old woman now living in Gujarat and she has one son named Ramanik. Daksha’s son, Ramanik is married to a girl named, Aruna. Ramanik and Aruna has one daughter named Smita.

In Gujarat, someone has broke a statue of Hindu God. There is one rumour that statue of Hindu god is broken by a Muslim person. Due to this, there is lots of tension going on between Hindu and Muslim community. Daksha’s grand daughter, Smita is talking to her friend, Tasneem on call. On call, Tasneem is telling Smita that someone has blast a bomb in her hostel.

Smita’s father, Ramanik takes phone from her and started talking with Tasneem. He asked her about well being and then cuts the phone. Daksha call Aruna and request her to close all the doors and windows of home. The story now introduces two new character, Javed and Bobby. Javed and Bobby were arguing with each other and Hindu people comes and started interrogating them.

Through interrogation, Hindus learns that Javed and Bobby are Muslim. The Hindus group tries to to kill Javed and Bobby, but they runs away from them.

Javed and Bobby goes at Ramanik house by running from Hindus. They request Ramanik to save their life from Hindus. Thereafter, Hindus group goes at Ramanik’s house and demand Javed and Bobby from him. Ramanik doesn’t allow them to kill Javed and Bobby. Afterwards, angry Hindus starts throwing stones at Ramanik’s house.Aruna doesn’t like Muslim to be at her home.

Therefore, she request her husband, Ramanik to throw them out of their house. Ramanik yells at Aruna and tells her to be quiet. Ramanik started talking with Bobby and Javed politely. Bobby respond to his questions calmly but Javed talks with him harshly and rudely. At the same time, Ramanik’s daughter, Smita comes and immediately recognized Javed and Bobby.

When Aruna get to know that Smita knows who is Javed and Bobby. She asks Smita, how does she knows them. Smita tells Aruna that Javed is brother of her friend, Tasneem, and Bobby is a fiance of Tasneem.

The people outside of Ramanik’s house starts throwing stones at his house again. Ramanik still doesn’t care about them and gives milk to Javed and Bobby. Javed tells Ramanik that you guys are in majortiy and allowed to do whatever you want to with innocent people like us. Ramanik talks with Javed calmly and tries to understand him how the fight between Hindu and Muslim has started.

He tells him once upon a time, when Hindu Rath Yatra was carried out, the Muslim people threw stones at God’s chariot and they also killed Hindu Pandit. So that’s how fight between Hindu and Muslim has started. Smita brings pillow for Javed and Bobby and tells them our house is small so you guys need to sleep on a floor. Javed tells Smita, he has no problem in sleeping on floor as he is used to it.

Smita asks them what they were doing in her village, Amargaon, during such tension between Hindu and Muslim. Bobby tells Smita, they came here in search of a job opportunity. Ramanik decides to give job to Javed and Bobby in his clothing shop but his daughter, Smita tries to stop him. She tells him that Javed was hired by terrorist organization and that’s why his family thrown him out of their house. Thereafter, Ramanik starts teasing Javed, he asks Javed in which-which terrorist attacks he is involved in.

Javed feels very bad and starts abusing Ramanik. On the other side, Ramanik gets angry and slaps Javed. Bobby came between them and calms them both down. Bobby tells Ramanik, when Javed was a child he touched a letter of his Hindu neighbor by mistake. That Hindu neighbour yells at Javed in front of everyone just because he touched his letter.

Javed gets offended by his Hindu neighbour and ends up throwing beef at his home. Afterwards, Hindu neighbour comes at Javed’s home and abuses him in front of his family. Bobby tells that Javed talks rudely with people is because of a your community otherwise he was good and respected person of his village.

Thereafter, Javed and Bobby decides to go from Ramanik’s home but Ramanik stops them from going. He tells them that they have to work in his clothing shop otherwise he will call police. At the same time, Smita walks in and apologies to Javed for exposing him in front of her family. Aruna goes outside of her house to check and finds no one there. So she decides to go out for taking water. Smita asks her mother, Aruna to bring Bobby with her as he can help her in getting water. Aruna gets angry on Smita because she can’t take a Muslim help in getting water.

Afterwards, Aruna goes to take shower. Smita, Javed and Bobby goes out to bring water. As they go outside to bring water, we get to know that Smita is in love with Bobby but due to their different caste they can’t live together. Bobby, Javed and Smita were playing with each other with water outside their house. Smita’s grandmother, Daksha saw them playing and remebers her childhood friend, Zarine. Daksha goes to Bobby and Javed and tells them that her father was killed by a Muslim.

Daksha curses Javed and Bobby and goes away. Ramanik comes in and asks his mother to be quiet. When Aruna comes outside from washroom, she saw Bobby in Hindu’s temple, she asks him to go outside from ther temple. Bobby took Hindu god’s statue in his hands and talks about communal harmony. Thereafter, Bobby and Javed goes from Ramanik’s home.

As Javed and Bobby leaves Ramanik’s home, he tells his mother about his father and grand father, how they burned Zarine’s shop just to buy it on cheap price from them. Ramanik still regret about his father and grandfather’s doing, so he don’t want to go at this shop. The story of final solutions end without any solutions.

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