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The Rudest Book Ever By Shwetabh Gangwar Summary

The “Rudest Book Ever” is about freeing your mind from all the bullshit you have unknowingly attached yourself to and are suffering from— ranging from ideas of happiness to people in your life. It will rip into everything. Because this book is about freeing you, it talks about a lot of things from your life.


The Rudest Book Ever Summary | Shwetabh Gangwar
The Rudest Book Ever Summary

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Summary of Rudest Book Every By Shwetabh Gangwar

The world doesn’t give a flying fuck about you. This world is a place full of people that will come in the form of friends, lovers and well-wishers; in the form of emotional adhesives, neatly packaged dreams and aspirational lollipops; in the form of saviours, fixers and salespersons.

Anyway, when the time comes, a lot of them will take complete advantage of you, rid you of your emotional innocence and turn your world upside down. It will most definitely happen, history tells you that, no matter who you are or what you do—rich, talented, genius, pretty, strong, powerful, polite, kind, or careful.

You are a product. You are a product with hope attached to it. What does that mean? It means that, one day, you are meant to become this awesome, functional unit capable of choosing jobs, careers, relationships, environments and economies on your own volition—that’s the hope. The better the choices, the better the product you are—that’s the simple law on the basis of which the world judges you.

Here are a few things about you :

A person is not born ready.

A person has to be made ready.

The person does not know how to learn in the beginning; it knows how to absorb, which means it learns whatever it absorbs from its surroundings. I am talking about when you were a kid.

A person’s emotional responses to different experiences create interpretations of those experiences, which the person assumes to be true. Therefore, emotional responses become one of the earliest teachers of the person.

Because the person learns by absorption, the parents and surroundings become the other teachers. Instead of teaching the person how to think, parents and surroundings teach what to think thereby becoming terrible teachers themselves.

You Know You Want To Be Special

The idea of being special excites almost all of us—to varying degrees, depending upon the individual. It’s perfectly normal. Be honest: you know you have fantasised about standing out in certain situations; played and replayed different scenarios of the same meetings and interactions in your mind with you as the centre of attention and master of the perfect dialogue.

According to you, ‘specialness’ is being born special, being told you are special, being treated like you are special, and being rich. Unfortunately, all of that has nothing to do with specialness.

If you were asked, what were the moments in which you felt special, you might think of the time when people laughed at your joke, applauded some effort, or when your post on social media got more likes than usual—that would be much closer to the truth for the generation today. Such moments contain all elements of wanting acceptance and approval from others, not of specialness.

Here’s a very simple example of specialness: I felt it when I achieved that. ‘That’, is anything that created a considerable amount of self-belief in you, and made you believe for the first time that you are capable.

Specialness is the badge of realisation you earn. It may seem very simple to you, but this thinking can change the course of your life. Any achievement dictates you have created or mastered something. This means that not only did you gain in terms of knowledge, but you built habits of discipline, hard work, prioritising and focusing—habits that will serve you in almost all aspects of life.

What Rejection Do to Us

Rejections are a part of life. You are going to get rejected by those you desire, and you will not always get a fair shot in the competition. People are motivated by various factors to make decisions to the detriment of your happiness or prosperity. The point is, on many occasions, it won’t have anything to do with you. This is a big world we live in, with a lot of people. You’re just one of them. And sadly, the world doesn’t revolve around you, which kinda leaves you with very bad odds.

Rejections are a commonly found species of ancient beasts that get everyone in all fields of life. As mentioned before, it may have nothing to do with you when it happens, but because you are a self important, self-loving son of a gun, you think from your ego instead of your rational mind and make it all about yourself. You act as if you’re the only one it has happened to. Therefore, once again, rejections are normal start seeing it this way. They happen to everybody.

Those who are able to find out what they want to do in life chase after greatness to prove to themselves that they are great at what they do. With time, they realise they don’t need anybody’s approval, as doing what they want to do gives them purpose, and fulfilling that purpose gives them satisfaction and a meaningful life.

About the Author

Shwetabh Gangwar is a novelist, public speaker, professional problem solver, and has over two million followers on YouTube. He dedicatedly solves people’s problems sent to him on his Instagram, and makes videos on as many as he can. He defines it as the purpose of his life and what truly brings him meaning.

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