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Get Smart Book Summary | Brian Tracy

Get Smart Book Summary author says you have the mental ability right now to set any goal and achieve everything you could ever want or hope for in life. By using your brain—your ability to think, plan, and create—with greater precision and accuracy, you can solve any problem, overcome every obstacle, and achieve any goal you can set for yourself.

Get Smart By Brian Tracy

Get Smart Book Summary | Brian Tracy
Get Smart Book Summary

Book : Get Smart By Brian Tracy

Get Smart Book Summay

You and your mind are extraordinary. You have 100 billion brain cells, each connected by ganglia and neurons to as many as twenty thousand other cells. The total number of thoughts that you can think is therefore equal to one hundred billion to the twenty thousandth power.

10 Percent of Potential

When author was twenty-one, I was impressed when I heard that the average person uses only 10 percent of his or her mental ability. I later learned that the true number is closer to 2 percent. Most people have enormous reserves of mental capacity that they fail to use, that they are apparently saving up for some good reason.

Life is like a combination lock, only with more numbers. All combination locks work in the same way. You turn to the first number, back past that number to the second number, and forward to the third number. If you have the right numbers, the lock opens, whether it is a bicycle lock or a great vault in a major bank.

Look for Good

Here is a simple way to transform your thinking to that of the most positive and successful people in our society. Think about the biggest problem that you have in your life today. Now imagine that this problem has been sent to you as a gift, to teach you something. Ask yourself, “What is the lesson or lessons that I can learn from this situation that can help me to be happier and more successful in the future?”

The Greatest Discovery

Author Says the greatest discovery in human history is that “you become what you think about—most of the time.” Your beliefs, either positive or negative, helpful or hurtful, largely determine everything you do and how you do it. What do you think about most of the time? And how do you think about it? As Wayne Dyer wrote, “You don’t believe what you see; you see what you already believe.”

Action is Everything

How can you tell what a person really wants, thinks, feels, believes, and is committed to? Simple. You just look at his or her actions. It is not what people say, wish, hope, or intend that counts. It is only what they do, and especially what they do when faced with temptation or put under pressure.

Think Ahead

In chess, with many pieces and many possible moves, your success is based on your ability to accurately anticipate or predict the moves of your opponent. In life, your success is largely determined by your ability to “play down the chessboard” and to make those moves that lead to ultimate success or victory— however you define it.

Determine Your Future Intent

One of their most popular ideas was that if your goal is to be a leader in your industry, you must project forward five years and ask yourself, “What skills, abilities, and competences must we have five years from now in order to be one of the top companies?” When you have clear future intent, future orientation, it becomes much easier for you to think with greater clarity, to make those decisions today that will enable you to achieve your long-term goals.

The starting point of developing long-term time perspective is for you to practice “back from the future” thinking. Imagine you could wave a magic wand and make your life perfect sometime in the future. What would your perfect life look like? How would it be different from today ?

Make a Decision

Confucius said, “A journey of a thousand leagues begins with the first step.” The first step is always the hardest. It requires tremendous determination and willpower for you to do something more than and different from what you have ever done before.

Back From the Future

Resolve today to develop long-time perspective. Become intensely future oriented. Think about the future most of the time. Consider the consequences of your decisions and actions. What is likely to happen? And then what could happen? And then what?

Thinking is Hard Work

There is a saying, “There are those who think. There are those who think they think. And then there is the vast majority who would rather die than think.” Good thinking is hard work. It must be learned and practiced over and over if you are going to truly plumb the depths of your mental powers.

Practice Solitude

One of the most powerful of all ways to practice slow thinking is for you to practice solitude on a regular basis. Many people have never practiced solitude even once in their entire lives. They have an insatiable need to be busy and active, filling every possible minute with stimuli of some kind. But this is not for you.

Goals Are Essential

This is why goals are so important. Goals enable you to control the direction of change, to assure that your life and work are self-determined rather than being dictated by outside events. One of the great secrets of success is for you not to worry about things that you cannot do anything about—factors that you cannot change.

Think About Your Goal

Remember the great truth: You become what you think about most of the time. Each morning when you get up, think about your goal. All day long, think about your goal. In the evening, review your progress on your major goal.

The True Measure

The true measure of how successful you are in life is how happy you are—most of the time. If you are wealthy, famous, or powerful but you are not happy, you have failed in your primary responsibility to yourself as a human being.

Take Control

When you blame anyone else for anything, you give up control of your emotions. You turn control of your emotions over to the person you are blaming, whether he knows it or not. By blaming someone else for something, you enable that person to manipulate and control your emotions—at long distance.

About the Author :

Brian Tracy is chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations. He has studied, researched, written, and spoken for thirty years in the fields of economics, history, business, philosophy, and psychology and is the top-selling author of numerous books that have been translated into dozens of languages.

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