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Do Epic Shit Summary | Ankur Warikoo

Do Epic Shit Summary Author Says my relationship with success has been driven largely my relationship with multiple failures. The mistakes that I have committed ‘relentlessly’ over the years. The failures that I sat down with and reflected upon, that made me inch towards success at the most unexpected times. This part of success isn’t necessarily about prescriptions on how to get successful. It is rather about defining what success really means to you, staying true to that, and then using failures as reflections to create your own success!


Do Epic Shit Summary | Ankur Warikoo
Do Epic Shit Summary

Book : Do Epic Shit Summary

Do Epic Shit Summary


The Author Says time goes away and leaves us with only one of these two things: regret or results. A year from now you will wish you had unfollowed emotionally draining people. A year from now you will wish you had said ‘no’ more often. A year from now you will wish you had said ‘yes’ to yourself more often.

When we rule ourselves, we can never be ruled by our problems. The biggest misconception people have is that they are the odd one out and everyone else is sorted! You are what you do. Not what you say you’ll do.

Luck happens to those that make things happen. If you start creating content, you have greater chances of it being shared by your dream celebrity. If you say hello to every stranger, you have greater chances of finding your dream partner. If you send cold emails every day, you have greater chances of getting your dream job! Your actions decide your luck. So does your lack of actions.

We know ourselves through our thoughts. But we know others through their actions. That is true for others as well. They can’t read our thoughts. All they see is what we do.


The Author says I love habits, because the kind of person I become pursuing them opens up multiple doors, instead of chasing goals that may (perhaps) lead to just one door if one gets lucky. Habits build us, goals lay us barren.

The trick to waking up early is not waking up early. It is sleeping on time! The secret is not merely waking up early. Any alarm clock could do that for you. The secret is to be energized, happy and productive in the morning. Nothing could ensure this other than sleeping on time. Otherwise, what’s the use of waking up early and feeling groggy and eventually hating yourself?

Don’t set targets. Set habits!

Setting targets instead of habits makes us forget the kind of person we want to become. We not only want to run a marathon. We also want to get fit. We not only want to look sculpted. We want to see how disciplined we are.

The more we get the process right, the closer we get to the targets. The more we run after targets, the more we sign up for feeling hollow once we achieve them. Habits hire us forever and take us higher, whereas targets tame us and leave us clueless after we achieve them.

Choose Who You Spend Time With Wisely

Optimize for learning, not salary. Optimize for progress, not stability. Optimize for facing fears, not for comfort. If you have two job offers with a similar salary, the one with growth is the one you want to pick up. If you really want stability in terms of money and career, no one gets it unless they embrace progress as their way of life.

Comfort stems from facing what you fear. Staying in the comfort zone is the most dangerous thing to do.

We want success and work hard to get there, hardly ever knowing that the hardest work is to seek ease in the mundane. Find it hard to say no to people, when you know you should? It’s mostly because you worry about what they will think of you. If you follow the right set of people on social media, opportunities will come by design. Not by luck!


The author says each time someone asks me what would my advice be, to my 20-year-old self, I have one answer: ‘Make sure decisions in your life are made from a point of view of awareness and not ignorance.’ Everything I do online is to help people make better choices through making them more aware.

The Author says things that are the most important and the least practised, are the things that are said. Doing the things that are the most important are the things that make you important. Most of my decisions in life were not made because of my confidence in the decision.

You won’t go anywhere if you are aware but don’t do anything about it. You will go everywhere if you are aware and take actions from that awareness. You know. You act. You learn. You know better. And you continue. It is better to be busy in the chase of finding yourself instead of being busy in the rat race and never know yourself.

Don’t go to college just looking for a job, a title, a company, a function, a role, a salary. Go to college looking for yourself. ‘What am I good at?’ ‘What makes me happy?’ The purpose of college is not just education. Education is easily and massively available on the internet. The purpose of college is to figure out what you enjoy. The purpose of college is to find yourself!

About the author :

Ankur Warikoo is an entrepreneur and content creator whose deep, witty and brutally honest thoughts on success and failure, money and investing, self-awareness and personal relationships have made him one of India’s top personal brands. In his first book, Ankur puts together the key ideas that have fuelled his journey – one that began with him wanting to be a space engineer and ended with him creating content that has been seen and read by millions.

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