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The Best Chanakya Niti For Students in English

Chanakya Niti can have various meaning for various people. Chanakya was a great thinker, philosopher, statesman and political strategist lived in the fourth century Bc.

The Chanakya Neeti By Radhakrishnan Pillai

The Best Chanakya Neeti For Students in English

Book : Chanakya Neeti By Radhakrishnan Pillai

Chanakya Niti For Students

Chanakya was a teacher at his core. He wanted to pass on his wisdom and experiences to the next generation. He therefor wrote his magnum opus, Kautilya’s Arthashastra – for king and Leaders.

A :

Firstly, I bow my head to vishnu

The Preserver lord of the triple world

And enunciate the code of regal conduct

From numerous scriptures culled

India, as a nation, is unique, mostly because of its varied cultures and traditions. We always invoke divine blessings before starting anything new, irrespective of our caste or religion, in the belief that this prayerful gesture at the beginnings of a project will help us carry it out successfully, and finish it without any obstruction. Similarly, Chanakya starts Chanakya Niti by invoking Lord Vishnu. Chanakya was a person of high intellect but he knew that one needs to surrender one’s ego to God.

B :

By Studying this scripture,

A person learns the truth of the matter

About celebrated teachings in those scriptures,

Dos and don’ts beneficial and sinister

Chanakya explains what happens when a person studies Chankaya Niti. He will understand the real truth of the matter, the reality of life. Also, he will be exposed to the thoughts of great people who wrote other scriptures, because he had read many of them to compile his own, to help the common man. If you do not understand these writings, you will miss out on many good lessons within these verses.

Chanakya Niti says it is important to read holy texts on a daily basis. It should be a part of your routine, like waking up or brushing your teeth. Reading sacred literature is a daily mental, intellectual and spiritual exercise. It should be done in the mornings before you face the world. It will make you strong from within, you will be able to face any challenge from a spiritual angle.

C :

The Vipra is like a tree, whose roots are prayers

The Vedas are his branches; his deeds are the leaves

Therefore, diligently keep the roots secure

Cutting off the roots, neither the branches

Nor the leaves endure

Mahatma Gandhi Said, A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes. If you nurture a mind that is always complaining, you will still feel miserable in the most comfortable situations in life. The secret to living a content life is understanding that comforts and luxury do not bring happiness. It is your mindset and quality of thoughts that determine your quality of life. So always maintain a prayerful attitude towards life. Those people who ae grateful for what they have, experience peace and happiness throughout their lives.

The physical body is mortal

Wealth doesn’t last forever

Death hangs over one’s head always

Therefor, dutifully, one should indulge in piety

Nothing is permanent in life. The physical body is mortal, and one day it will perish. Wealth to doesn’t last forever. Then what should you be doing ? What should be your ultimate aim ?

Like the sword of Damocles, death hangs over the heads of the living always. But do not be afraid of death. Instead, make your days count; start planning for all the things you want to accomplish before you die.

Chanakya Niti in English

A :

The one whose heart melts

Towards every being

To him what else will mean knowledge,

Salvation, hair-matting and ash-besmearing ?

In this Chanakya Niti, Chanakya talks about the importance of empathy. A good human being is one who is sensitive towards others, whose heart melts for those who are suffering. The ability to love others without expecting anything in return is a rare quality, and there is nothing purer than a heart that melts in other’s sorrow. Only an evolved being is capable of such love. Love for all beings, without considering their gender, case, creed and color, is the sign of a learned and cultured soul.

B :

Desires of the mind!

Who has got all cushy things ?

Everything depends on destiny

Therefor, count your blessings !

The mind is very tricky; just when you have fulfilled one desire, it comes up with another. You may have everything you want, and yet a new desire will always crop up. So all the comfortable things you already possess cannot guarantee you true happiness.

Chanakya Niti says, Everything you have is yours because of your destiny. what is destined for you will surely come to you unasked. Destiny and your luck play a major role in your life, whether you are aware of it or not. So do work hard towards your desires and ambition.

C :

Anger is the regent of death

Greed is the river of hell

Knowledge is the wish-granting cow

Contentment is the celestial garden

In this verse Chanakya Niti advises us to avoid anger and greed. and he also urges mankind to follow th e pursuit of knowledge and not to be materialistic. The wise teacher Chanakya wanted his students to be perfect inside as well as outside. He believed that if you conquer the mind, you will be able to conquer the world. Anger is the regent of death. A person who constantly gets angry will slowly succumb to death because his body and mind will suffer from the burning anger within, leading to many diseases.

D :

The poor want wealth

Animals want faculty of speech

Humans desire paradise

And the godly long for liberation

Everyone wants somethings. And our wants and desire keep us going in search of that ” something “. Whether you are a man or animal, rich or poor, your desire are unlimited. The poor want wealth, they want to be rich. they need money for themselves and their family. Animals wish for the ability to speak, according to Chanakya. It is only humans who can voice their thoughts and opinions.

So everyone is wishes for something they dont’ have. No one is above desires.

A :

Having read he four Vedas

And several scriptures

Yet living without realising the soul

is like the sweetness of food unknown to the ladle

You must read to acquire knowledge. But what use is knowledge if it has not been digested ? There are many bookworms who read no stop. But if you look at their lives, many of them show no sign of intelligence. Just gathering information is not enough. You should be able to apply that information in daily life reap its benefits.

B :

Everyone experiences birth and death alone

Everyone stands up to good and bad actions alone

Everyone faces hell alone

Everyone reaches heaven alone

We come to this earth alone and we leave it alone. Others are just a part of our life journey. However, there is a big difference between being alone and being lonely. Most of us feel lonely when we don’t have people around us. But once we understand that we are always alone, we will enjoy being alone and also the company of others, is more detached manner.

We are born alone. And we also die alone. Life is always the journey of individual. When we have to face the consequence of our actions, be it good or bad, we have to face hem alone.

C :

Wealth, friends, spouse and land

One can obtain again

But this life as a human

Can’t be had now and again

To be born a human being is a rare privilege indeed. People always live in fear of losing what they possess; it could be wealth, friends, a spouse or land. Your hard-earned money can be stoles. You may lose a dear friend to a fight or death. Your loving spouse may leave you, and also the land that you own can be lost. But do not worry, because you can have all of them again; you can acquire more wealth, you can find new friends, marry another person or buy a new plot of land. All can be recovered. But there is no guarantee that you will be born again. Life is a rare gift.

D :

The lowbrow becomes king

The king is made miserly

The rich become poor

The poor are made rich by destiny

Who can stop fate and time ? When the right time arrives, one’s destiny shifts. Chanakya was a person who believes in planning and hard work. What you get is your destiny and how you get is your hard work. Even a person from a lowest section of society with no opportunities can becomes a king when luck blesses him. If you are rich its again because of your destiny. Thank your stars and remain humble because you never know when the tide will turn.

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